RCA, XLR advice ,please

I think this has been covered before but I need some some help, please.
I have a Direcstream dac connected to my integrated amp. with RCA interconnects, to an RCA input on the amp. I intend to change the connection from the DS to the amp from the RCA output on the DS to the XLR output and then to an XLR input on the amp. I am able to switch between inputs on the amp with the amps remote control.
Do I need to disconnect the RCA interconnects when using the XLR connections ?
Thank you

I must need more than than the four shots of espresso I have already had; I am unable to parse your post to understand what you want to do.

You simultaneously want to connect the DS to two different inputs on your integrated amp, one RCA; the other, XLR?

Yes, EITHER XLR cables OR RCA, but NOT both at the same time.

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It is no problem to connect the DSD’s outputs to two different pieces of equipment at the same time.

I am however a little uncomfortable connecting two outputs to the same piece of equipment. I do not know if it matters, but the likely shared ground of the two integrated amp’s inputs bothers me a bit.

We need the opinion of someone with more expertise than I.

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I am sorry for the confusion.

I will just use the XLR output on the DS to the XLR input on the amp. and select this input to play music.
My question is can I just leave the the RCA interconnects in situ ?

Yes, I understand.

The shared grounds I mention probably makes no difference and what you are suggesting is fine. The danger is probably only the possibility of a little noise. I just do not know for certain.

Thank you

The XLR input will be considerably louder so be cautious switching between inputs.

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An earlier post on a similar topic has advice:

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Thank you Elk, Palouse and Ionson for your help.
The consensus seems to be that it is ok to have the RCA and XLR outputs connected to the RCA and XLR inputs, but only have either RCA or XLR outputting at any one time.
Also be careful of the difference in loudness

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