Stellar S300 trigger out

I want to turn on my B&W PVD1 subwoofer with a trigger. By using a mini jack (stereo), the stellar’s trigger out is connected to Trigger 1 of my B&W PVD1 subwoofer, but it doesn’t work. So what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

Try a non stereo version because it was designed for the mono style of 3.5mm. If that doesn’t work give us a shout on Monday and we’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks Paul
I will try that.
Grz Patrick

If the S300 is like the M700, the trigger jack is for input only (or for daisy chaining to another amp with the trigger signal coming from a pre-amp or other component). The Stellar GCD has an active trigger out but not the amps.

Excellent point. I did not think of this.

Unfortunately but so be it.
Thank you all for the quick response!

Hi Paul,
Just got the s300 + the sgcd and they sound wonderful. Will it be possible to use a stereo version of the 3.5mm for the trigger?
Thank you

Yes, a stereo plug will carry a mono signal; stereo TRS into a mono socket connects the left channel, but leaves the ring (right channel) open.

But use the correct cable and buy a cable with mono 3.5mm connectors. This will be the most reliable.