Subwoofer with a Stellar S300 Amplifier?

Hi, If there is a possibility to use subwoofer together with Stellar Gain Cell DAC + Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier?



Sure. The SGCD does not have a subwoofer LF out jack but as long as the subwoofer you choose can be driven off of line (RCA or balanced) outputs or the speaker terminals (generally the best) you should be fine.


Thank you for the prompt reply. The reason I asked is that I had some bad experience to connect sub to integrated amplifier (Creek Evo2), which also lack of dedicated sub output (I connected sub by speakers terminal). The result was that stereo channels were mixed together.



Since the sub is one big driver you would want the two channels mixed together.

If you want the channels separate you will need two subs which is preferable anyway.

this is obvious not a case with dedicated sub out

Do you have the information you need?

Do you have any specific questions?

Thank you

So, if one were to connect a subwoofer, they would do so by running RCA cables form the GCD’s unbalanced outs to the L/R inputs on the subwoofer? The balanced outs on the GCD would then be used to feed the S300, which would, in turn, power the L/R speakers?

Using two subwoofers with the L & R RCA outputs from the GCD. Using the balanced outputs for the M700s. Works and sounds stellar!

Bumping to ask question two questions

My amp does not have balanced inputs it is pass labs XA25. Would a splitter off of the GCD like this work to use RCA interconnects to my amp and the Sub. I also use the sub for home theater using the HT bypass. Would I only have the sub connected to the GCD or would I keep the connection from my receiver as well.


Howdy Twolf,

Does your subwoofer have a high level input you’ll be using (like the Neutrik cable that comes with a REL)? Or does it receive its signal through RCA?

As for home theater, does your subwoofer have a separate LFE input?

Might be easier for you to see the back of the sub and the manual:

I am using the LFE option from my receiver currently but it seems to be part of the RCA so not sure I could use both.

All righty, this one is a bit fun.

So personally I would not use the speaker level inputs or the line outs. Too many unknowns on what the sub might be doing to the signal.

What I would do is buy 3 of those connectors that you linked a picture to.

You’ll split both the left and right RCA outputs from your GCD. One set will go to your amp as normal.

The other set of left and right RCAs will feed into the last connector you linked and put it into the red line in input on your sub.

You’ll leave the LFE and everything else as is.

There are other ways to tackle this, but that would be my preferred method. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!

Sounds good I will give it a try and report back. Thank you for the help!

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I’m using a REL T-5I subwoofer with a Stellar S300 using the Neutrik connector supplied by REL with excellent results. PS Audio staff guided me through the connection process. Basically you connect through the + speaker terminals on the S-300 and ignore the - terminal. The sub has the same sound character as the S-300 which I find to be very clean, clear and smoothly detailed. I’d call for help connecting. PS Audio’s staff was very helpful.

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due to the circumstances associated with the corona, I had enough time to play with connecting the subwoofer (mordaunt-short-ms907w) to my pair SGCD+S300. My sw has both line input and high level input (from amplifier). I wonder if anyone from PS Audio staff can guide me (in details) through the connection process.
Thanks in advance

Not staff but here’s what I did. I got 2 runs of speaker wire. On the sub end just connect them normally. L pos and neg and R pos and neg to high level inputs. On the amp end just connect the pos ends to the pos outputs. Take the two neg ends along with a third piece of wire and connect them all to a wire nut. Run the other end of the third wire to a grounding point. I used a chassis screw on one of my LPS’s.

I agree with Rob as that is what I do with both Class D amps and the BHK 250 though I use dual subs.