Subwoofer with a Stellar S300 Amplifier?


Hi, If there is a possibility to use subwoofer together with Stellar Gain Cell DAC + Stellar S300 Stereo Amplifier?




Sure. The SGCD does not have a subwoofer LF out jack but as long as the subwoofer you choose can be driven off of line (RCA or balanced) outputs or the speaker terminals (generally the best) you should be fine.



Thank you for the prompt reply. The reason I asked is that I had some bad experience to connect sub to integrated amplifier (Creek Evo2), which also lack of dedicated sub output (I connected sub by speakers terminal). The result was that stereo channels were mixed together.




Since the sub is one big driver you would want the two channels mixed together.


If you want the channels separate you will need two subs which is preferable anyway.


this is obvious not a case with dedicated sub out


Do you have the information you need?

Do you have any specific questions?


Thank you