Stellar™ Strata MK2™ improvements?

I used to own a Stellar Stata, and am wondering about the new version. What improvements and or changes were made on the MK2 model?

Been using mine for a few days now. So far I can say the sound is greatly improved. I’ve used it with my Magnepan LRS+ and KEF R3 Meta’s and both sound better with the Mk2. My REL T/5x subwoofer integrates much better, more seamlessly with my LRS+ speakers than with any other amp I’ve tried. Haven’t tried the phono stage yet but I expect good things.

I’m curious about this also. Did the DAC carry over or was it updated?

My understanding is the streamer was removed and phono stage was added for the Mk II. Darren Meyer also tweaked most (maybe all) of the circuits for better sound.

I’ve had mine for close to a month and have to agree with DavidF’s description. There is no streamer and the phono stage is very impressive with a noticeably richer sound compared to the DAC, though the DAC is quite impressive as well. Overall beautiful sounding amp. Speaking of no streamer, I’m using a BluSound Node / Qobuz for that and have had issues with it being stuck on 44.1/16bit and never changing off that no matter what resolution the source is. The amp will most likely go back for PSA to troubleshoot - could be a new product teething issue.

I’m using it to drive a pair of FR10s and it is more than up to the task.

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