Any hope for a Stellar streamer?

I am currently using a Blusound Node 2i into my SGCD and S300 amp. I’m not a fan of integrated components in spite of their many advantages, mostly because I like to upgrade individual pieces as the mood strikes.
Is there any indication that a Stellar class streamer with Octave capabilities is in the works? I’d settle for a box like the Strata without the amplifier, but a unit without the DAC would be ideal. I like the synergy that units from the same company can bring.

We have asperations of designing something exactly like what you describe, but nothing is solid yet. I wouldn’t expect a “Stellar Streamer” for another year or two.



Hoping for one year :slight_smile:


Man, you and me both!

There is such a product in the works, yes. Look for it in late spring, early summer.


Is Streamer-only coming out first followed by server later (internal storage)?

Great news! I suppose I’ll need to hang on to the Node for Amazon…

Hey mp5310,

How does your system sound with the bluesound? I have the same components and I am tinkering with the idea of getting the node2i. Are you using the SGCD as your DAC or are you using the node2i’s built in DAC?

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Using the SGCD as the dac, and running the digital coax out of the Node. I’ve used optical out as well, and couldn’t really hear a difference. I like the BluOs interface, especially since it enables me to stream Amazon HD. I also have a Blusound Pulse speaker in the kitchen, so I can play the same tunes throughout the house.
I’ve found that everytime I get a PS piece of gear it sounds better than the piece it replaces. If you can get a Node 2i used or on sale go for it until something better comes along.

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Thanks mp5310. I think I’ll try to find a used Node 2i.

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Looks like they offer 30 day return and free shipping if you want to try it out.

Good deal… Thanks for the heads up…

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That’s the plan. This streamer is different from the Octave server. The streamer Paul is talking about is the “Bridge III.” If I’m not mistaken, it’s going to have I2S out along with other options.
I could be wrong, but I thought we were also going to do a streamer in the Stellar lineup.

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Will the Bridge 3 be a significant upgrade compared to built in streamer in Strata?

Is the Bridge III going to be an external stand alone device or card like the Bridge II? I assume it would be a companion device to the upcoming Directstream Mk II.

Yeah, the “Bridge III” (still the working name) will be significantly better than the streamer within the Strata. Standalone chassis, dedicated power supply, I2S out are just a few of the benefits. I’ve already mentioned it before, but the bottle neck of the Bridge II was its power supply. Bob Stadtherr is going to best it 10 fold.


Sounds like I need to be saving lots of cash for all these new products that are on the way!



Can’t wait !

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