Stellar Strata vs S300 amp + Stellar preamp


What would sound better, the Strata or the separate pre/amp. The prices are about the same but I was wondering which would sound better.

Thanks for the responses.

Hey grunge welcome …

I realize your question is on the differences in sound quality…

My thinking is even if the sq were the same in quality…the gain in flexibility by getting the separate
stellar pre and stellar amps is by far a greater benefit for future expandability and growth.

Provided of course if space allows and the mrs. approves

Happy hunting

Thanks for your input. I was thinking the same but I wanted some additional opinions…

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Welcome Grunge! I left my opinion of the differences in a similar thread here.

Opinions are what they are, but you may find it helpful.

Thanks Jamesh.

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When you make your choice and they have arrived…let us know your impressions…
I’m sure you will be grinning :grinning:

No doubt. I just bought the Sprout100 and I love it but I am already thinking of upgrading…

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Upgrading…seems to never end…happy journeying

What speakers? @grunge1000

Dali Rubicon 2. The Sprout100 seems to drive them fairly well but I assume the S300 will drive them even better.

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This is pretty much exactly what I experienced too. The strata is a really relaxed and beautiful listening experience. As James said, it makes all recordings sound good (not just OK!).

It’s pretty easy to detect the differences between the Strata and the S300. As James noted, most aspects of the sound are drilled deeper with the S300. Some will prefer the Strata of course. Myself, I can’t give up the capabilities of the S300 in favor of the easy listening with the Strata. Not yet, anyway. It may happen sometime, though!. It has a beguiling sound.

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