Stellar S300 vs. Bel Canto 500S?

Has anyone compared Stellar S300 to Bel Canto 500S ?

Never done a side by side comparison, but my experience with Bel Canto has always been fair. I hear good detail and tonality from them, but there is little in the way of separation and staging. The Stellar amps have great detail and separation. This helps with their ability to create a believable sound stage immensely.

Thank you very much for the info.

Yes, that really helps. I am coming from tube-amp (single-ended), which the detail, separation, soundstage/image are important to my music listening. The problem is with the hot Summer, the Class-A tube amps are so hot that I don’t feel good to leave them on for a long time.

Then I found a good deal on the Bel Canto 500S (lightly used) at the same price as the new Stellar S300, but I have not had chance to listen to either one. So it’s hard to decide which amp to buy.

Also Emerald Physics Class-D amp can be found with good price too.

I own the S300 and love it, paired with a DirectStream Junior. In case you aren’t aware, PS Audio has a generous trade in program in which you can trade any piece of audio gear, from any company, and get credit for its original retail price, up to the point of getting about 30% off the S300.

Thanks dancingsea!
I will look into the trade-in option.

I can’t seem to find any used S300 around much, but surprisingly many BHK’s on the used market.