Streamer for Directstream DAC

Hi all

I am considering to purchase a Directstream DAC. I have several options to stream music to the DAC

  • purchase the DAC with a Bridge 2 (does this do DSD128?) and stream from NAS to DAC via ethernet
  • Use an audio PC running Win 10 with AudiophileOptimizer (from Highend-AudioPC) and connect via USB
  • Use an Odroid C2 with Volumio and connect via USB
  • Use Singxer SU-1 and connect via I2S / HDMI
My preferred scenario would be to use the Odroid C2 with Volumio, as it is the simplest.

What do you think?

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The BridgeII does not do DSD128.


Thanks Dennis,

that pretty much rules out the Bridge

Hi Jacobacci,

I have the Singxer SU-1 and am using it for DSD128 over I2S into my Directstream. It’s a great unit and I thoroughly recommend it. That said, it’s not a streamer. It’s a DDC. In my system I also have the Sonore MicroRendu which is the streamer in this case.

Not familiar with the Odroid so not sure how they compare.

Likewise I haven’t used Win 10 with AudiophileOptimizer but know it’s well regarded.

You might want to consider something like the Aries if you are looking for streaming hardware.

Another factor to consider is where are you streaming the music files from? PC, laptop, NAS etc. I personally don’t want to put a PC on just to listen to music, so the whole NAS/Server and use a phone to control sending to my MicroRendu suits me much better.



i have dS with bridge II.

i don’t use the bridge II, ( i just retried with the recent update) i find better sounding (significantly) with minim server / jplaystreamer / usb. Choices of power cables and usb cables are relevant, and the settings of jplay streamer (size and frequencies of buffers…) is a good way to adjust the sound with accuracy. So it is less ‘solution in one’ but the result decide…

Have you got the Odroid? How does it compare to the Raspberry 3?

I looked at the various Odroids and with the optional HiFi Shield, it looks like it has potential.

I have a Pi3 running Volumio with the basic power supply, and compared to my Toshiba laptop running free Fidelizer with JRiver, the Pi3 does not sound as good. Maybe adding a HiFiberry board with a linear power supply would make it competitive. If I had some spare cash I would like to play with an Odroid, they look interesting.

The only downside to my laptop is hearing the HDD between songs, sometimes.

I would get the Directstream and start with whatever you already have, go from there. PSA is working on a music player, by the time it is ready, you might be able to upgrade, it will be impressive.

These days the benefit of the Bridge II is using it with Tidal. If you aren’t really streaming, but just want access from your NAS, then the Singer with I2S would be ideal.

Get NUC running ROCK connected to Singxer SU-1 and you are all set. No need for any kind of streamer in between.

jeffstarr said

Have you got the Odroid? How does it compare to the Raspberry 3?

I have both the RP3 and the Odroid C2. The RP3’s architechture is not really ideal for audio duties, as it has a shared controller for USB and ethernet, hence no Gigabit LAN. The Ordoid has separate controller, real Gigabit LAN. Volumio 2, the software on the Ordoid, sound really good. What I like about the Odroid solution is that it has minimal parts count, but the parts are well chosen and well combined. Control is through Bubble UPnP, access to Qobuz etc.
Dev said

Get NUC running ROCK connected to Singxer SU-1 and you are all set. No need for any kind of streamer in between.

I haven’t tried ROCK, but I am not a big fan of Roon. The interface is cool, but the quality of the metadata for classical is far worse than my own tags. For rock, pop, jazz, blues etc. it’s ok. Also Roon adds a lot of complexity, which has the potential of degrading the sound (continuous scanning of the library, etc.).

I prefer the Odroid solution. It’s a very simple UPnP renderer based on a stripped down Debian base. Minimal processes, very simple. I don’t use the built in Library, but strictly as a renderer and find it works well for me.

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is ROCK?
Will it run on a NUC?

Roy (UK)

I have the Nucleus+ w/ Sbooster LPS & AQVOX-SE switch and the streaming is amazing. I added a 1TB Samsung 860 pro SSD to the Nucleus+. Setting this up took me 15min and away you go. Roon Nucleus+ DSP is amazing too…

Voting with bigalmc, I’d recommend the Auralic Aries G1 or G2, USB to the DSD.
The sound is so amazing that after having sold my Aries G1 recently, I’m missing it enough that I’m seriously considering buying a G2 and removing the Bridge II from my DSD.

I use #2. I built a fanless NUC computer using MS Server 2016 and AO with a TeraDak powersupply. AudioPhil offers great customer service. I use Roon and Tidal too.

Since my bridge 2 has been broken and needs time to repair, I’m using USB + RP3 with Ropieee as a Roon bridge for interim solution. And it just sound as good as bridge2, couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality even with immediate comparison. Probably it might produce better sound as it can deliver DSD128 better than the bridge2 ??

And one other good thing about USB is no more pops or clicks during DSD playing…

That was a good year ago. I have since extensively used roon and it has become my favorite control interface. Quality of metadata is improving. I have found the sound quality of Roon to be excellent. I cannot detect a change in SQ vs. native streaming or DLNA.
I am using various endpoints. For USB my favorite is still the Odroid C2, running Volumio 2 and Roon Bridge.

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Like you I’m a big fan of Roon. For me having access to my music is what it is all about and I have yet to find anything close to it (Sooloos was second). My daughter is home from college and said she had some new artist she wanted me to listen to. She pulled up Roon and away she went. For me it doesn’t get any better that that.