Streaming to DSD via Bridge SQ suggested improvements?

Can anyone suggest any improvements to use for example is there a device to Improve prove noise on the Ethernet cables. I mainly stream tidal MQA

Fiber Media Converters = Galvanic Isolation

Galvanic isolation and Cat 7 or 8 cables for added noise rejection

@perrynewtelsurf-com I’ve had customers use ferrite cores in the past with various connections. Maybe give these a shot:

Let us know how it goes!

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GigaFOILv4. Solution depends partly on your budget. I, and many others own this device and can attest to its influence. Plus, there was a review done comparing the GigaFOIL device to the TP-Link computer network designed product to help in your decision.

Thanks will give them a go

Does the gigafoil go where internet comes in or between cat 7 and DSD ?

The GigaFOIL is best placed right in front of the DS DAC. So, router to GigaFOIL, then GigaFOIL to DS DAC.

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Mario, how do I use them. Do I put one in the rj45 connection to my DSD or do I need more than that. My router is upstairs and I use home plugs to connect to DSD downstairs

Powerline Adapter ("home plug) > GigaFOILv4 > DS DAC

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