Subwoofer crossover with DirectStream?

How do you handle subwoofer crossover with DirectStream?

Do you mean without a preamp?

Yup, without pre-amp.

So I am also guessing that you need a line level output directly to the sub, where the crossover is in addition to your power amp for your mains?

The idea is high frequency to the DirectStream and low frequency to the sub, from the PC. Simulating a processor setup.

I wish the DirectStream supports this natively…

I think you should look up my threads on the topic (quite comprehensive).

Do NOT connect both the DS single ended and balanced outputs at the same time is my advice.

re: double posting - All the DS inputs and outputs are full frequency.

Ohhhh…digitally. You have a D/A converter at the input of your sub! Gosh, I don’t know.


On the PC side, why don’t you go HPF to the DS and LPF to your subs?

There are no such filters inherent in the DS.

Another possibility is to use Antimode 2.0 (I use this one):

Seems like a software based solution would be the way to go, keeping all the signal processing in the digital domain. Interesting concept. I’ll bet Elk could shed some light on this. It certainly would be worth a try and probably lots cheaper than adding a pre. In any event, I would avoid as much signal manipulation in the stream to your DS DAC as possible.

That’s the idea, but how to do it from the PC? lol

That anti-mode might work:

  • ”Pure digital” mode using S/PDIF input & output: signal is processed in the digital domain all the way (S/PDIF output resolution is independent from input)
But looks like I need 2 of it + a optical splitter if I go optical....

I wonder if anyone sell a digital crossover, but then I still need a DAC for the sub. This is too complicated…

I think you need to pause and take a breath, then start over. Your idea is painting yourself in a corner.