Can I use DSJ single ended outputs for subwoofer?

I’m running XLR outputs but would like to use single ended outputs to connect a subwoofer. Please advice it can be done. I know I should use my amp speaker output but not many subwoofers have speaker high level connections.

With most systems it will work just fine. The downside is that you are unbalancing the DAC’s outputs just a little which might matter in some electrically noisy conditions. Try it.

Thanks Ted.I have to buy first a subwoofer :blush:

Then I would buy one (or better yet two) with high-level inputs and drive it from your amp, it will integrate SO much better with your mains it’s silly.

Alternatively, get a Jensen transformer that will take the high-level and convert it to single-ended.

I’m not disagreeing with Ted, the DSJ will drive the sub just fine, it just won’t be the same ‘flavored’ signal as the one driving your mains