White Noise with DSJnr via Bridge II


Hi All

Apologies if this issue is covered elsewhere, my quick search didn’t find anything but I woldn’t say it was a forensic search!\

I’ll attempt to summarise my issues below:

  1. Plugging in an ethernet cable into the Bridge II connection in the back of the DSJnr ROON & my iMac does “see” the DSJ & I can assign it as a zone.
  2. When I go & play music all I hear is static/white noise…..sometimes I can hear the music in the background but it’s mostly noise.
  3. I initially put this down to our network & using a “hybrid” connection (Modem > iMac via Netgear extender….iMac (ROON core & library) > DSJ via Ethernet but via wifi extender).
  4. BUT...I then demo’d the DSJ at a mates who has a PWD with Bridge 1 with no issues but.....
  5. I had the same issue as I do at home (although it did work for about 10 mins??).
  6. Other things I noticed yesterday is that an asterix appeared in the top right corner which isn’t there after boot up?
Hopefully it’s an issue with a "dirty" network; I’m having a central line filter (split phone & internet) plus data port installed into my music room this Wednesday so hopefully I’ll have a fully wired "cleaner" system but the fact it didn’t work yesterday suggests otherwise.

I have also bought x2 optical media converters (suggested these forums as they remove RFI) but I’m yet to successfully install these.

Finally, in terms of Ethernet cables, can I run Cat6 or do they need to be Cat 5?

Cheers all



Hi All,

I’ve just read that the * in the top RH corner mean the source is “locked”…but what does this mean & is is connected to the issue I’m having above?




Matt, I’d put money on the DAC being faulty. It really sounds like the section of the bridge which receives data from the network is fine, but somewhere in the process of decoding/reformatting that data to I2S and passing it to the FGPA, something is getting corrupted.

I’d suggest contacting your dealer to get the DAC fixed or swapped out.


Hi Dvorak,

Yes, I’ve contacted our distributer here in Australia & I’m awaiting a response.

I should find out more later this week once all new ethernet cables are run in the house. Does anyone know whether the DSJnr is compatible with Cat6?




Cat 6 (or even 6a) is absolutely fine.


Thanks Stevem2,

I did read the manual which does seem to go to great lengths to say Cat 5 but if you & others have had no issues with Cat 6 then I’ll have this installed.




You could try a firmware update as well. Even if it’s already showing up-to-date versions the firmware could have been corrupted somehow and a fresh update might fix it.




Hi James,

Yes, was thinking about doing this, I maybe wait until the ethernet cables have been installed but maybe do it anyway to cover off all avenues.



mattjtaylor2809 said

I did read the manual which does seem to go to great lengths to say Cat 5 but if you & others have had no issues with Cat 6 then I’ll have this installed.

The Bridge only requires 100 BaseT rather than gigabit so the Cat 5 specs are adequate. I use Blue Jeans Cat 6a and believe they did make a small improvement over the cheap Cat 6 cables I used before that. Some people use expensive Audioquest and similar cables. If there is a difference it probably comes from better rejection of electromagnetic noise, or maybe better termination. You should be good with Cat 6, even if there is eventually a Bridge 3 with a gigabit interface (I have no reason to expect that to happen, but then I wouldn’t know before everybody else on the board). There is certainly no downside to using Cat 6 or 6a and you may think it sounds better.


Hi All,

Ended up having Cat6 wired through the house but this didn’t correct my white noise issue playing Roon via the bridge II so I returned the DSJnr & ended up getting a replacement player (even the latest Beta s/ware update for the BridgeII didn’t fix the issue).

Sounds like it was an internal board issue as even at Magenta Audio’s offices, it didn’t work.

The new unit played straight away when I enabled Roon & sounds fantatsic so I’m a happy bunny.




Glad you at last got a properly working unit. And wiring the house is a good thing in any event.