Sunlight: Installation and Technical Issues

I guess I’ll ask the question that I’m sure many have the answer to. Does the update get loaded via USB thumb drive, SD card, or both? Thanks in advance.

It’s always been SD card, afaik.

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SD for DS, USB for Jr.


thank you. I bought mine with Windom installed. This will be my first and last.


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I posted this recently, elsewhere and it makes sense to note here as well:

If you are genuinely concerned about the SD card formatting, file download, SD card loading and SD card firmware upload/update process, you might want to consider ordering the new firmware on a SD card directly from PS Audio as soon as it becomes available. It will cost you a whopping $29 (unless PS Audio changes the price).

I have done this for every upgrade without issue (save for experiencing that weird phenomenon of the Windom firmware taking two rounds of reversion to the previous firmware and back to get the update to “take”.)

I plan on doing the same this last go 'round (hopefully without that weird Windom experience).


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Hi elk, what sort of tricks did you have in mind? How about the one where you flip up the rear push-bike wheel and pivot on the front? That sort of trick? :wink:

+1 – I have been doing the same and will. . . one last time.

A great example!

I am thinking of posts describing formatting of the SD card or USB one is using, getting the files on to the card or USB, etc. There are always those who need a little assistance getting up and running. Quirks to address, etc.

Is this the right one?

that would be me. A video tutorial would be ideal

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I’m late to the party . . . . . . Sounds like “Sunlight” is the new/final DSD firmware update. Can someone point me to where I can find out more information . . . . . When will it be released, what does it entail, etc.?

It’s the latest, it has not been released yet, perhaps today, perhaps not.

There is info here on the forum, though it may not be too specific. A search should give you results.

Here are the key features


Ahh . . . . . Great news! Thanks!

“Quad rate DSD input over I2S…and 24bit 705.6kHz comes anlong for free” is not, I assume, available via the BridgeII . . . ??

No, not available via Bridge. It has its own hardware which limits that.


Do I have to use the SD card that came with my dac to install this?

Suggest to read this link: How to upgrade the DirectStream Operating System – PS Audio


No, you can use another SD card, formatted FAT32. The units tend to prefer smaller cards, such as 2GB, but I have used much larger cards with success.

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I ordered a new 2GB SD card from Amazon last week anticipating the release.