Sunlight: Sound Impressions

Once Sunlight is released, post your impressions of the sound here.


Brilliant, thanks.

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And could I suggest that everyone makes it very clear which input is being used and at what rate. In my case I’m stuck with inputting at 96/24 S/PDIF (coax/toslink) so USB etc is of no use to me.

What rates are you expecting, beyond it being clearly quad for i2s?

Oh! You probably mean DSD.

If that was directed at me I’m totally confused - I use coax S/PDIF at 96/24, so, quad rate DSD sound impressions are of no use to me.

Sunlight will sound better (or at least different) no matter what input is used. The sound quality work affects all input rates, etc. the same.


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Open, better ambience, enhanced instrumental separation, and cleaner lower frequencies when playing instruments like cello and piano. Thank you @tedsmith et al


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Running through some stuff I’ve listened to recently, and after the Sunlight update I heard a deeper, more 3-dimensional soundstage. The level of realism is stunning…almost spooky. I was also able to push the volume a couple ticks higher without straining the size & position of the performers.

Thank you PS Audio team!!!


OK, first 30 minutes after (easy) update I was invited by quite different sound to what I was used for - more forward, with more full (body) midrange.Sounding very natural, with better contoured bass, but lacking the laid back depth of soundstage I was used to. Trying to assess high frequencies I was surprised by some small harshness there. By experience with previous updates I am aware that the sound will still need some time to settle-down (i never turn of DS) so looking forward to that and also need to wait for later evening to have better listening conditions as currently it’s peak hour here in Europe


Very early, initial impressions. The DS DAC with “Sunlight” FW and the Edcor XS4400 output transformers is easily the best sounding DAC I’ve ever heard. It gets it all just right. Will need lots more albums and time to fully digest. Thanks again @tedsmith, @DarrenMyers and PSA team! Way to go.


Question: Does Sunlight play “louder”?

It seems so to me… but wadda I know… just asking. Neither a good or bad thing, just wondering if it is just me.

I am not doing critical listening, just playing Sunlight in the background while I write a PowerPoint presentation… I have reached to lower the volume three times now. Hmmm…

Bruce in Philly


First impression: more attack, faster transients, especially notable in the higher frequencies with somemore air around it. Bass nicely ‘dry’. Gaucho, Steely Dan listening. Very high I see less harshness! Those jazzy instruments with the damper thing in the horns, don’t know the name, sounds good for first time… positive!


Louder? I can say that Fleetwood Mac’s s/t 192kHz/24 bit on Qobuz came in noticeably softer. I’m not super familiar with said version, but would love to hear from somebody who is…

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You probably already checked but after FW load the DAC volume defaults to 25%. I always run at Fixed 100% so it freaks me out a bit at each update until I remember that wrinkle.


More clarity, definition and detail, but mostly more emotion.


Yep, not that. I think some recordings on Qobuz just vary wildly in initial volume presentation.

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“damper thing” = “mute”?