Latest firmware for PWD to DSD upgrade kit?

I just finished upgrading my PWD to the DSD but there was no SD-CARD with the lastest firmware. As a matter of fact, the SD-Card that was included was a new, unopened retail pack. What would be the latest firmware for this?

I can no longer access the setup screen by pressing the top left button during initialization. I thought the DSD was supposed to have a gear icon on the display for setup.

Thanks for any help

You want “Sunshine”. Should be available for download from PS Audio site.

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Having a rough time here. I got the Sunshine firmware and unzipped the contents and put it on the 2 GB SD-CARD that came with my DSD Upgrade kit. Turned the unit off, waited, unplugged the Ethernet cable, inserted the card and powered up. It jumped straight to the ‘initializing’ screen, didn’t even try to load.

I tried the firmware on a 512MB card I have, formated to FAT32 and same results, won’t load.

I am dead in the wate, neither my USB or coax connection work even though either one gets the green lock light. I have no idea what version the present firmware is as there is no gear icon on the display and pressing the top left button during initialing no longer takes me to setup.

I could sure use some help. The hardware upgrade was really straight forward so I don’t know why all the problems,


Probably time to contact PS Audio support folks. They are great but would strongly recommend a phone call instead of email.

Good luck.
It will be worth the trouble when you get it resolved.

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I feel sorry for anyone that has to listen to me on the phone. I had mouth surgery for tongue cancer last year and I’m still healing. My music passion is turning into a nightmare as I slowly go broke chasing my PSA dream lol

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Hi @Rob_W,

@jamesh is a member of the PS Audio team and has been very helpful in providing help to the PS audio community. Hopefully, my tagging him on this message will get his attention and he will be able to provide more guidance.

I’m sure that the PS Audio team will be able to get you going.

Best of luck.

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Try the process again. Format the card they provided. When extracting the downloaded file point it to the sd card as the destination. After the extract completes look to see if all the files are present. Than eject the card and place it in to the DAC. Power on the dac by the backpanle switch. The power button should flash and after the download is complete the initialize should bring the unit into service. Be sure the sd card is inserted contacts up.

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No luck. Formatted the card, extracted to the card but the on button only glows blue as the unit is initializing

Silly thought but did you insert the SD card upside down? I think the metal connector tabs face up as I recall.

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Did you try copying just the files onto the card, then load? Without the presence of a folder?

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Also when I installed my DS upgrade kit I had such an old boot loader I had similar problems. The newer one was on the PS Audio web site and resolved my issue. Tech support can also help and @jamesh will definitely assist when he can.

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Sunlight is the latest and last firmware.

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I tried copying direct to the card as well as unzipping to the card. All the files are in the cards root, there is no folder. I sure wish I knew where to find the old boot loader. I will try a site search. I really appreciate all the help here guys!

Things are looking up!!!

When I went looking for the DSD rescue disk I found firmware called PWD ro DSD kit. I through that on the card and it loaded. My screen now has a gear on it! Now I will try loading Sunlight.


I’m up and running with Sunlight! Thank you sooo much. It sounds amazing. You peeps really make this forum a great place. Thank you!


There must be something on the display card that required the special update sd they provided in the kit. Glad you got it working. Just wait until you get to listen to it and it gets burned in. You will be very pleased.

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And Sunlight is a very,very pleasant, free new lodger for your DAC living space!

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And Sunlight!


Thanks it’s always great to see what these friends have! Sunlight will, I think you’ll find treat your system great with the new DSD brains.
Not in any way concerned, just nosey…and do make a note though to break ground on the addition.

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