"The Audion" Monoblock Amplifiers by AGD Productions (a/k/a My Latest Upgrade)


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Just a couple of notes:

I confirmed today that my pair of amps did indeed come with the latest and greatest Gallium Nitride MOSFET based Power stage. Mr. AGD came out with his MK II “tube” around the first of the year.

Also, I packed up the amps in their handy-dandy, overbuilt carrying/shipping case at the office today and carted them home. Going swap them into the Big Rig this weekend in place of my Emotiva XPA-1 (Gen. 1) 500 wpm mono amps so I can hear them with more resolving/better quality source components. (My office system is a bit of work in progress up stream of the speakers and amplifiers.)

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I wonder what filling those tubes with an inert fluid like oil would do.

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I uplugged the Emotiva XPA-1 (MK I) 500 wpc monos from my main system late last night and plugged in the diminutive AGD 'Audions (nominally rated at 85 wpm for my speakers - Anthony Gallo Acoustic Reference 3.1s).

I need more time with the new amplifiers and familiar music but here are some, “unofficial” initial impressions four hours in (all subject to change with some extended listening time and more varied musical experiences to follow):

+These little beauties hold their own on sound staging (depth, width and height)

+There is definitely some “holographic” capability associated with The Audion’s (they might just best the Emotiva’s in my system in this sense - more to come)

+Bass slam is very good (not quite sure yet whether they are/can be as energetic and detailed in the lower frequencies at normal listening levels as the Emotiva’s (more favorite, well recorded music with quality low frequency content is on the demo list)

+Have had to turn up the dial on the preamplifier and DS Sr. to extract some of the impact, details and dynamics I am used to on some music (have not dialed in the sweet spot b/t the DS Sr. and preamp level controls yet)

Some low (track volume) level information down in the layers of some familiar tracks have appeared to be harder to extract/hear. This may be a function of level matching or, just maybe, the Emotiva’s are a tad more revealing. Time will tell.

More listening and impressions to follow.

Also, I think after I have had a chance to put a significant amount of hours on this set up, I am going to spend some time listening to The Audions sans preamp/driven directly by the DS Sr., just for grins.



Scott - Are you running a Gallo SA sub amp on the 2nd voicecoil, or just these Monoblocks?

The former…and I also have a 1000 watt BASH-amplified, down-firing subwoofer dialed in. It features dual, 12" drivers. All of the signal was (with the Emotiva’s) and is (with The Audion’s) integrated via the Anthem Room Correction (ARC) settings currently programmed into my Anthem AVM 50v 2 preamplifier.

By the way, I have not made any other changes to the set up thus far – just unplugged the Emotiva’s and plugged in the AGD’s.

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The ability of these amps to put the performers in the room is nothing like I have ever heard from an amp before. I did not know that an amp could make a system so holographic in it’s presentation.

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I listened to the AGD line at a dealer in Atlanta and to me these are some sweet sounding amps. A unique spin on class-d amplification. To me very nice sounding gear.

Very interesting design indeed. Besides looking and sounding awesome, I love the concept of the module design.