"The Audion" Monoblock Amplifiers by AGD Productions (a/k/a My Latest Upgrade)

I mentioned these were on order for a 15 day trial on the thread, Your Next Upgrade?

I thought I would dedicate a thread to my (probably) new amplifiers for those that might be interested in these. Here is a start with some pictures (unboxing first).


Here are a few pictures of the amps., freshly “deployed”.

I’ll post some more on these later, after I have had a chance to spend some time listening.



Well they certainly look cool :slight_smile:
Is that glow natural heater, or is there an LED in there too?

Edit - Google is my friend.
What an odd idea, still looks cool though :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the glow is just for show, as is the tube “encasement” as far as I can tell.

OTOH, having the circuitry in a tube and having a tube socket to plug the circuitry into will ostensibly allow for simple, future hardware upgrades as the design improves.

I got about one hour of listening in and they sound pretty good so far.



Aye if it is a module then so were valves, and it keeps the dust out :slight_smile:

That GAn stuff has been a while in coming. Be interested to know how it works out. How is the QOL? That’s another interestin’ box.

The QOL is very, very subtle in its effect – never deleterious, but not an “Oh my!” impact either.

Some recordings benefit more than others. It sounds good and makes for a good preamplifier/switch box with all of its quality balanced inputs and outputs, but it offers no gain.

My struggle right now is that I have no pre-amp in the system, so the AGD amplifiers are not getting a fair shake yet. I can only listen to music via Qobuz and Tidal over Bluetooth via my bluMe HD receiver w/ toslink connection to my tube DAC using my iPhone as the controller because my CD/SACD - DAC combo offers no gain control.

That said, the AGD’s still sound pretty darn good, even with the limitations of the sources I am feeding it at the moment. Much cleaner and more resolving than the low watt, budget integrated tube amplifier they are vying to replace.

More to come…


I have owned the AGD Audion amps for several months now. They are absolutely spectacular and I continue to be amazed at the sonic picture which these render in my system. I have been an audiophile for nearly 50 years and have owned and heard dozens of high end amps most of which cost a lot more than these beauties. None of the other amps that I have owned can compete with these. Take a look at my system picture. I run these direct from my dac which has a superb lossless volume control. I would expect that anyone who has a Directstream dac would find that these run direct from it would require a very expensive preamp to better the sound of these run direct.


How about a shortcut link to a picture of your current system…?


Sweet. Love the Rockna’s. Is the transport as good as the DAC?

The “transport” is the Wavedream NET which while it has a cd drive, it is a server with an internal 1 TB ssd. I do not stream but have about 1400 cd’s on the internal ssd. From what I have heard, the sound quality is better from the ssd than streaming. It is a Roon endpoint and is set up for Qobuz and Tidal though I have not used either one.

IME, my downloaded and ripped files on my iMac also sound better than streaming from internet sourced files. I use Roon and have Qobuz and Tidal accounts piggybacked/running through the Roon software, which resides on the same iMac. JRiver Media Center edges out Roon’s playing of my hard-drive stored files. Roon and JRMC both sound better than streamed (internet) files in my system, generally.

I was tempted by these amps but went with M1200s for cost reasons and the desire for lots and lots of power. Would really like to borrow a pair some day.

Nearly everyone (in this forum anyway) absolutely raves about the M1200’s.

They seem like great amps.

At some point soon, I am going to have to bring the AGD’s home and give them a spin in the “Big Rig”. For now, they are getting some hours on them in the office system, where I think their nominal 85 wpc output will ultimately prove to be more than enough for my Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference Strada (MK I) speakers, which are supplemented with a stereo pari of REL Acoustic’s Tzero (MK II) powered subwoofers.

More to come…

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Hey, Doc. Are you using the power cords that shipped with the amps or something else?

If the latter, pray tell.


Hey Scott,

Those power cords are excellent. I am using them. I suppose that you could put some nice $5k cords on them and see what happens.:grin: Let me know if you try it. I would guess that you would need to spend at least a $1000 per cord to better those. Thanks.


No plans to do so, no sir!

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A mini update:

I have about 16 hours of combined background and concerted listening time under my belt and the amplifiers have been powered up for 4+ days.

So far, I have noted that they are pretty resolving and will play quite a bit louder without strain as compared to the low wattage integrated amplifier they replaced.

One interesting observation is that I had to turn down the levels on my pair of REL Acoustics Tzero subs two notches to tame some bass overloading. There is a lot more energy in the lower frequencies with these amps coupled to the RELs. The office system is in a pretty small room that is nearly square shaped. Getting good snap that is properly integrated within the sound stage has been a bit of a challenge. More level and crossover adjustments may be in order.

Given the limitations and size of the room, I think I won’t get a good sense of the overall capabilities of the amps until I have had a chance to:

  1. Insert a preamp or active volume control into the system so I can get a good gain match with my SACD/CD player; and

  2. Pull these out of the office system and give them a spin in the Big Rig at home.

Both of these actions are on the to-do list.

Thanks for reading.

More to come.


Semi-hot off the presses:

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