The Audiophile's Guide 'The Loudspeaker'


Just got done running through The Audiophile’s Guide ‘The Loudspeaker’ and associated SACD and wow - it really made a difference on the sound. It helped to know what I should be hearing for. I know I broke the major rule - having my equipment in the center…but I’m low on space in my apartment. Anyway, my room is a mess and I’m finishing by pulling the tape up from the floor. Enjoying the sound.

Thanks Paul!

What did you guys think after you tried applying what you learned in Paul’s book?


It forced/empowered me to be slow, repetitive and methodical in set up.

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You have a lava lamp. For that alone you can have all the gear including a television in between your speakers. It’s universal for “get out of jail free”.


Yeah, but the Eames ottoman counts, too. I figure there’s a chair that goes with it.

(I may be wrong.)

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Yeah, Eames chair and ottoman - not much space to entertain in my apartment…but thats what bars are for.

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nice, enjoying the sound diffusers and lava lamp