New Audiophile Guide The Loudspeaker

During last videos @Paul mentioned the new guide and cd about loudspeaker. Anybody seen it on Amazon website ( has not yet) or on PS Audio website? I would like to buy it but I don’t find out where I can order it.

Paul has been “announcing” a lot recently . . . with nothing in sight!


I looked for it as well after Paul mentioned it in a video. It’s not on the PSA site or Amazon.

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It appears to be available on this website.
I have it and it’s excellent.

Hi Ron, this is the old one “The Stereo”, I’ve got it.

The brand new Guide mentioned by Paul is named “The Loudspeaker”.

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Yes, sorry. I jumped the gun. It’s still in the hands of the editor. The Octave disc that accompanies it is finished as of last night and now off to be pressed. I hope to launch the new book The Audiophile’s Guide The Loudspeaker in late August.



This is so uncharacteristic of you.


Keep up the great work/doing you!


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I am looking forward to the release. The Audiophile’s Guide set the bar for 2-chan setup. Using it most definitely helped me dial-in my rig.

Knowing that you have taken speaker setup even further is exciting.

Thanks Paul!

My pleasure. I can’t wait until we launch this book. It takes everything to another level.