New Audiophile Guide The Loudspeaker

During last videos @Paul mentioned the new guide and cd about loudspeaker. Anybody seen it on Amazon website ( has not yet) or on PS Audio website? I would like to buy it but I don’t find out where I can order it.

Paul has been “announcing” a lot recently . . . with nothing in sight!


I looked for it as well after Paul mentioned it in a video. It’s not on the PSA site or Amazon.

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It appears to be available on this website.
I have it and it’s excellent.

Hi Ron, this is the old one “The Stereo”, I’ve got it.

The brand new Guide mentioned by Paul is named “The Loudspeaker”.

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Yes, sorry. I jumped the gun. It’s still in the hands of the editor. The Octave disc that accompanies it is finished as of last night and now off to be pressed. I hope to launch the new book The Audiophile’s Guide The Loudspeaker in late August.



This is so uncharacteristic of you.


Keep up the great work/doing you!


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I am looking forward to the release. The Audiophile’s Guide set the bar for 2-chan setup. Using it most definitely helped me dial-in my rig.

Knowing that you have taken speaker setup even further is exciting.

Thanks Paul!

My pleasure. I can’t wait until we launch this book. It takes everything to another level.


I bought the book, now I can’t find the dsd files to download. Are they available anywhere?



Yup same here. Downloaded the files that accompany the first book but can’t find the files to download specifically referenced for THE LOUDSPEAKER book.

Sorry, guys. The pressing plant in Austria has been behind and we won’t be able to make available the Audiophile’s Guide The Loudspeaker’s SACD (playable in any CD player) until October 1.

Thanks Paul. Any chance we could pay to download the files in the meantime or do you prefer to release them when the SACD becomes available?

Thanks for the update, I’m interested in the download as well as I don’t have a SACD player. Will those be delayed as well?

That’s a great idea. Let me work on prepping the files. Might take a week or so.


Brilliant! Thanks so much Paul. BTW, was looking forward to meeting you and the PS Audio team at the UK HiFi show over the weekend at Ascot… maybe next year??

If you are able to make them available for download, I’d be a customer for the book! (I don’t have an SACD transport…)

Speaking of the book, where do I find it? I searched the PS Audio site a couple days ago, without any luck.

It’s at Amazon.


Thanks, got it. Both physical and kindle versions.

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Hi all
It would be nice to be able to get the book from other sources than Amazon as they don’t operate everywhere. I got the The Stereo straight from PS Audio which worked fine.
A big thank you to you, Paul, for my first steps into hifi nirvana! With The Stereo I managed to get my old Presonus active system to present a soundstage! Amazing. Then a pair of KEF LS50 Metas with an Audiophonics amp and DAC and… This is so much fun!