The Best in Vinyl Playback

According to a nationally “renown” men’s journal the following represents the finest available in vinyl playback. I guess they did not consider checking in with Michael Fremer.

The Best in Vinyl Playback


Wow, that is the worst of the worst!

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I saw that “Angel’s Horn” setup advertised on Facebook, and their copy called it “high-end” sound. I posted an objection to that, saying it had a specific meaning in audio, and their product ain’t it, and I got dumped on big-time by other posters, claiming I was being a jerk.

There are three in there that could be considered meaningful starter turntables IMO. You pick… :wink:

I always think of Esquire first when considering my next analog playback purchase. :slight_smile:


Yikes! Hopefully we won’t see a fashion section in Stereophile soon.


Well they said „for retro listening“, so I’d say they are not really wrong :wink:

Even today quite some vinyl listeners (and vinyl haters) still think, listening to vinyl means to pile up as many artifacts and potential weaknesses as possible to then have a „pleasant“, too thick, muddied and recessed sound to be able to halfway enjoy even the worst, most bass shy and brightest recordings :wink:

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Perhaps the inappropriate “echo chamber”? :wink:
I’ve had more than a few recently ask for recommendations regarding a starter turntable for a graduation gift. Most take a pass on the recommendation and pick-up a cheap one, Crosley comes to mind.