The Firmware selection Rodeo

Well, we have a new exciting firmware, for some, and for others it is less exciting.

What can cause this?

-equipment differences

-room acoustics

-personal preference

-faulty installation?

- what music we use for comparison.

probably the one we can control the easiest is the latter.

In saying this, Perhaps some tracks sound better on a particular version?

If a NEW version somehow exposes deficiencies in a recording that were less audible with a previous version then our impressions could be deceiving.

I have a “test playlist” of tracks that I have used since the MKII upgrade tests. I put it on and usually in the first minute I have an opinion. This sometimes changes as I let the entire playlist play and see if it beckons me to come sit in my optimal listening chair for a while. Too slow and I get bored, too fast and dynamic and my ears bleed.

MMMMM sometimes the 3rd Bowl tastes “just right”.

What process works for you?

Simply listening to whatever music I am interested in hearing at the moment and paying no attention to the equipment whatsoever. If it sounds better, it is better.

I leave the agonized OCD testing to others.