The Future Is MQA?

The Future Is MQA

That’s pretty funny.
“MQA, as the soon to be widely accepted industry standard” seems to be of little interest to any firm besides Tidal, and will be even less relevant as bandwidth continues to become even less expensive than it is now.

Hey @michael-denmark… Before I read the whole thing… Is it PRO of CONTRA MQA… If it’s pro I don’t care, if it’s contra I might read it…

Holy Moly - quite the shills… love the body language used to sell it in the videos… the close collaboration… Bob Stewart is an amazing human being that should get the Nobel prize… a genius… had been thinking about this for 35 years and it hit me at 04:37:30 on a SAT morning… while I was in the shower using a Dove bar… too funny… the music biz and Tidal must be lapping this stuff up… just think of the revenue stream they will have access to… amazing… it sounded like one of those audiophile critiques on a component review when even a close and play record player is amazing… I gazed across the shower with my Dove bar lightly rubbing my shoulder as I contemplated world hunger and it hit me… all the theory proposed could have just been swept under the rug as it had been when my best friend Albert Einstein called me about his theory of relativity. It was a cold FEB evening… blah, blah, blah… just too funny…

Really loved the George Massenburg dude… great video… I was laughing by butt off…

As old and irrelevant as I ever will get, I would never sell out…

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You weren’t kidding! Wow!

@JeffofArabica - dude got some serious coin from Tidal and the music industry… Yeah it was like reading an audiophile review… her hair blew back as she danced across the room to use the remote to change the gain setting… I love this crap… like out of a commercial… we have this husband and wife law team in AZ that my wife and I throw up on every commercial…

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I do not care about the format - because is the recording is the decisions. I set this up because other people might benefit from information.

More love Denmark

Yeah - the older I get the more cynical I become. I guess it’s just pattern recognition… Oh, yeah… I remember the lying salesman selling me my first piece of audio gear… like when you got boned the first time the stock went south after your stock broker was selling hope… he made a ton of money and you… lived to fight another day… I use to remember sayin “old people are so cynical”… well, now that I am an old person… they should be… no matter what century you live in, it’s all about the money… I have lived in two centuries and it sure is…

Here is a very good read on MQA

It may be an April Fools joke.

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I tell my children my cynicism is the result of a lifetime of disappointments. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived a wonderful life and would change little. It just builds up over time as you said.

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