The Most Valuable Vinyl of All Time!

This is funny/entertaining:

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Entertaining - and also slightly wacko.

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Yeah - right up there with the Woman Recording Her Sunflowers - in a totally different way : )

One of the interesting things to me is that I think it MAY be reflective of how Cool vinyl has become amongst those under 30.

There are a lot of kids getting into vinyl and spending big bucks on the equipment. It must be nostalgic somehow although most of them probably only saw records when they were very young if at all. My sister in law’s nephew ~30 YO dresses like it’s 1957 from top to bottom. Personally I don’t get it but it is different for sure. Kinda like Maclemore’s thrift shop track.
Whack jobs with money have always pushed the “value” envelope of anything remotely scarce. Its cool that these old recordings still exist but a private collector usually only hordes the stuff anyway so it does no good for the common man.

That was the nice thing about Jack White’s dropping $300k on the Elvis acetate (there are PS Denizens that spend that on cables) - he made the rip available online, apparently.

My daughter is 24 and she sometimes feels as if she was Born in the Wrong Decade. She and her friends are all into vinyl. Darren Myers is a 30-something (as we used to say) and he and his Millennial friends are all into vinyl. Sometimes I get the feeling that it is only some of us oldsters who feel divided into analog/digital, vinyl/streaming camps. Most younger folks have no issue with formats. Put on a record, bluetooth it from your phone - it’s all About the Music ; )

Your comment about the nephew (twice removed) reminded me of when I was in college in the 70’s, and some of the more popular bands played music and dressed as if they were in the 50’s or 40’s. We keep going 'round and 'round in the Circle Game ; )

Sometimes I think its a thing where in your teens or 20’s, you feel, “This is Such a Boring Time - things were Way Cooler back Then” - and it is often tied to the Music.

Agreed. It’s the grass is always greener thing. Although growing up in the mid / late '60’s the grass was pretty green every day then.
None of the kids I grew up with wanted anything to do with any music except various forms of rock and roll from Fats D to Janis Joplin.
Country music was for hicks and orchestral was for grandma.
I always liked all forms and still do. Not being very artistic myself I do appreciate others who have the knack for it. Music, art, sculpture, etc.

A lot of it was brown, as well. Except when some Gold came into town ; )

Yeah dude…A bunch of us went on a weekender one time. We had a bread sack full of the best we could find, a dozen cases of beer, and a couple gallons of Crown. It was big fun. I. Think…

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i see a pattern here, objects are not scarce until someone puts down some money. :smile:

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