Vinyl premiums


Years ago, I gave several boxes of Records to my neighbor; he’s a good person. But, he immediately stored the boxes in his garage. They haven’t moved since. :grinning: No point to be made here, just writing…

Some of those prices are absolute BS. I’ve got a friend who sends me popsike posts about unbelievable prices like this. I also work in a record shop where we buy and sell used music, and I’m one of the buyers, so I feel slightly authoritative here :grinning:

Let me explain how these goofy prices come about on eBay and Discogs. Unscrupulous seller wants to generate some hype for an LP by Fish McFish and the Fishies (yeah, made up name). No one has ever heard of them, but seller posts on eBay with a Buy It Now of $1,200 USD. Seller uses another account to buy the LP. He then refunds his fake account. However after the sale, influencers like Popsike are buzzing on social media about the high-priced LP, then suddenly the Fishies are hot and folks want it because it’s a collectible now with tangible value. Seller reposts on eBay after the buzz, and he scores $1,200 or more.

Discogs is wising up to this. eBay is still the wild west.


there’s always the rest of the story

Which is . . . ?



You are correct about eBay!
I was going to buy a couple of these as’stocking stuffers’

and thought hang on - I better check discogs

Glad I did. Saved myself over $69,000!
Thanks Jazzophile :slight_smile:

Online prices for collectible vinyl is nuts for sure. We just sold a sealed KISS rare album for $250 in the shop— can’t remember the title because KISS isn’t my wheelhouse. Online prices are $900+ with no one actually selling it, but everyone is pricing at $900+ because others are. It took two months, but the right fan showed up and got a deal.

Who are these Metallica and how are they beating Taylor Swiftest?

Not 100% sure about Metallica. I think they do Beethoven covers?

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