The science of cable elevators?

When experienced reviewers say to keep cables 15 cms apart from each other and crossing 90 degrees power cords and ICs, I always wonder how can it be really possible in a real world, especially if you have the rack pretty close to a wall without enough room around.

One day I can decide to flip the rack front/back, less cosmetic more comfort. Nah, just kidding, even if sometimes…

I encourage some brave member to start a “cable management photos thread”, it would be inspirational, maybe a brilliant mind could give us - poor confused people - a lesson…


I am pretty sure THIS combination of twists, turns and tangles effectively cancels out any and all RFI, EMF, EMI…

Well done.



I was thinking of the movie Coma, where all the people are suspended at different heights, but I can’t seem to upload a picture of it.

That photo triggered my OCD so much I had to take a walk to clear my head. :scream:


Or get a top notch integrated?


Love it!

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Ok, so if science is to be applied here, what is needed is a system of cable elevators that are remotely adjustable from floor level to any given height. That would not only provide potential audible differences in real time, it would also indicate what height - if any - would provide best results for any given setup. Science.
I KNOW we have some retired engineers in here - so someone get engineering! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :pencil2: :triangular_ruler: :hammer: :carpentry_saw: :screwdriver: :gear:

I would do it, but for my 6 day work week; I’m apparently on the ‘Freedom 105’ plan. :disappointed:
I bought all the parts needed to construct this a few years ago but necessities and a misguided lifestyle forced me to engineer a fully automated can crusher instead… :man_shrugging:
Ya, ok, not so much a feat of ‘engineering’, more like a good ‘McGyvering’…


Add a complicated solar-power generator and associated batteries, inverter, etc. and I’ll buy two systems – but make sure its really complicated.

Can’t we add some chutes, ladders and such to make this a bit more “Mousetrappy”?


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Bing, Bang, Boing!


“Cable” - not “Coma”… :smile:

Fantastic! You are my hero!

I would surely be in a quandary of where to place the first RF absorber tuning ring if that were my system. The thought of sliding one ring down a singular cable eould require an instruction manual.

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Not only do I not do cable elevators or fancy rings I don’t waste space with racking. I have a solid floor and use 4 by 2" on the bottom layer, 3 by 2" above that and 2 by 2" for the light stuff. I love matt black spray paint.


That’s cool. :sunglasses:

Can’t quite follow what you mean…

Are your referring to DIY shelving that you have your kit placed on at, more or less, floor level?

Would love to see some pictures. Sorry if I missed previous posts of same.


I have five towers of kit. The towers at each end are in fact on racks and contain things like DVD players, HD DVD player, UHD player, CD player, TV Recorders etc.

The centre section has a couple of lengths of 4" * 2" on which is a Denon, a Directstream dac, a DEQX crossover and a Stellar P3 regenerator. Each side of the centre section is a P10 with a BHK250 on it and a Directstream on top of that. There’s other stuff such as a spare Directstream, a GCPH, a Melco music server, a Chord M-Scaler and yet more. What isn’t probably obvious from my last picture is the centre channel speaker and a couple of multichannel amps for the centre speaker and the four ceiling speakers. The mass of wiring is necessary because the main l/r channels are 3-way active and there are reclockers between everything (the reclockers all need a 9v dc supply from a lps and obviously they have their digital input cable and a digital output cable).

Here’s a picture of the central area (but with poor lighting and everything mostly black probably not easy to see):

If I’ve done it correctly the following link will take you to some frontal photos:

System Photos! - Everything Else / Systems - PS Audio


What a simple solution. I always over think everything which usually leads to an overkill solution.


Thanks for sharing.

I really like it.