Then the listening room is complete


The room is used a lot for our Hifi meeting. it plays completely fantasy in space. Here ends my Infinity 1b days…
My thanks to Casper


Very nice, I’ve never seen that large and complex a diffuser. I have 2, 24X24 Bamboo diffusers from Auralex.


500kg lol


Is that Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon on the shelf (left in the picture) in the background? One of the best stereo tweaks ever invented.


I do not remember, but I’ll be back to Tennessee soon, so I usually think about visiting Kentucky. lol I have a cottage in New Tazewell Tennessee…but I believe it is. laugh out loud. I am drinking this one as I have received from a member of Tennhaus lol


Pappy! I’ll take a sip of that any day.