Thinking on getting Maggie 1.7i

That’s a good question. With the 250 in the mix the bass has more depth and detail although it took some time to fully appreciate it. The sound is more relaxed overall with a little bit more warmth which is what I was looking for. As much as I love the ribbon tweeter it can dominate the overall sound and make it perhaps a bit too cold overall. With the BHKs the sound has sort of a luxurious feel to it and the 250 gives the impression it is just coasting along. I was listening to Dave Holland’s new disc ‘New Hope’ last night and the detail I was getting of his upright bass was incredible.

Hmm. That reminds me. I haven’t listened to the Holland disc ‘Like Minds’ lately. That one certainly is a nice recording

Hi timm - After you told me about some individuals on Audio Asylum placing their Maggies within 6" of the sidewall, I decided to experiment a little. Last night I moved mine from 13" away to 11". The bass was much better for the most part. On material with good bass content it sounded like I had added two subwoofers! On some recordings though, it sounded like the upper basses was over emphasized a bit…but maybe I just need to get used to it. The other improvement had to do with soundstage width. Much better and it really opened things up. One thing I noticed about the 3.7s is that small changes in position can have a huge impact in the sound.

For sure. I had mine anywhere from 5-10’ off the front wall. And anywhere from 1-2’ from the side wall. It was probably a 6 month journey and I am not obsessive!!