Magnepan 3.7i vs 20.7

Hi, I am the proud owner of a 3.7i pair ( 8 weeks old ). I wanted to hear from people who have owner the 3.7i but decided to go up to the 20.7. Listening impressions? Words of caution ( room size, position comparison )?

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No one upgraded from 3.7i to 20.7??

I have heard the 3.7i in a store. Have the 20.7. U know my feelings on the 20 series. Did you demo the 20.7? Try them without the subs first.

I find the major diff is the bass and lower mids - which just adds to texture and realness of the presentation. You could consider them without a sub. I felt the 3.7 needed a little help there. I think a room that supports the 3.7 will support a 20.7.

I think the 20 is just better in every way.
You will love them. I told you to get them in the first place!! :slight_smile:

For reference. My room is 17x30. I have them 10’ out from front wall/ sit about 10’ away / and have 10’ behind me. Speakers are about 1’ from side walls. I don’t think you need all that - I’m just lucky to have it.


My dealer offered me 1 year full trade in towards the 20.7 within the first year. So If I do, I’m not out a penny!

Great move! The 30s don’t get discounted that much.

The 30.7 are outstanding, but a true room commitment!! Not that it’s an issue for me, but at 30K I’d wait for the AN2 before I spent 30K purely out of curiosity.

My dealer offered me a great price on a new pair on 20.7

What coluh? :slight_smile:

Any color I want. I like the black cloth with black oak myself

How about this?


You had to put that column right there didn’t you? :wink:

nice setup Timm. not sure if it’s just the angle of the photo but it looks like the Maggies are almost 45 degree toe-in. is that the case? I have my 3.6R’s about 15 degrees. maybe i should try them wider apart and really toed in…looks interesting…thanks for sharing! TJ

That’s an old pic. They are not that toed in anymore. And yes… the column. I can’t complain too much. The room is 17x30 and the column is in the null. I was either looking at a room 13’ wide without column or 17’ wide with. I chose the latter

I also have a p10 / Cary slp98p pre and a matrix currently.

Here’s the ‘stuff’

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Timm, no subs! Wow. Have you tried a test disc to see where your low frequencies drop off?

With that suspended ceiling you could possibly retrofit a steel support beam on the existing structure. We did that a few years ago when my Dad was building his music room at his previous home. Worked great.

I have not tried any measurements. I have a secondary system w a Martin Logan descent sub. And even though I think the 20.7 does bass just fine - my room is huge and fairly damped - a challenge for bass I think. So I dragged the descent down the steps. It has two volume controls - a main and a 25 hz volume. The main is at 2… and I have boosted the 25hz volume up to 8. With this approach - the walls literally move to the heartbeat at the beginning of dark side of the moon - which I like. I also like the planar bass and this approach seems to eliminate any issues as I still hear the naturalness of the Maggie bass. For reference - the main volume was at 6 in my other system.

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Rszk - I thought of that - but just didn’t want to bear the cost and possibly get a bad contractor etc… if you note - the pole is stained cherry as are the speakers. :slight_smile: Visually it is fine actually. I am limited to how close I move the speakers together - but I think having them closer to the side walls helps them couple to the room and improve the bass. So I’d probably end up w them there anyway.

Awesome Timm, it was just a comment just in case you hadn’t thought of it. Damn that room is deep! How far away are your speakers from the front wall? I get you about coupling for better response. I think I’ve gotten the best response from my current position so far, without resorting to subwoofers, although that is on the horizon. I’m really thinking about the Rythmik subwoofers nowadays. Possibly going the F18 pair.

All comments welcome Rszk!! They are 10’ from the front wall. My head is about 12’ from the plane and I’ve got about 8’ behind my head. So room is 30’ deep. The response is amazingly even thru out the room. And even outside of it. My Martin Logan Odysseys used to give this bass buildup in certain parts of the room (different room) where things would be totally bass heavy in one spot. A cone woofer thing?? My 20s don’t do that at all. It’s like the music just emanates from this black space.