Thread size of feet PS Audio P3

Does anyone know the thread size of the feet (screw) Power Plant P3 ?

The screws under there are a #6 X 5/8"
If this isn’t helpful, I’m more than happy to send you some extras for free.

Hi Jamesh, thanks for your reply. I want to install other feet from BDR, they have adapters for it and I want to know which of the following adapters I can take:

Adapter 5/16" -18
Adapter 3/8"- 16
Adapter 6/32
Adapter 8/32
Adapter 10/32
Adapter 4mm
Adapter 6mm
Adapter 8mm
Adapter 10mm

Hard to say for sure. Obviously, do your best to make sure the same relative amount of screw is still poking out of the foot.