Three Blind Mice

The mailman just dragged in Morning Flight by Hiroshi Fukumura Quartet. Awesome record but there’s not exactly a shortage of good stuff on the TBM catalogue. Other great Japanese jazz is reissued by BBE and Columbia and it’s very difficult to also fault those ones other than I’m not a big fan of 45rpm 2LPs with just ten minutes of music per side.

Yet, I don’t have a single TBM original. Got a number of vinyl reissues by the likes of Les Tres Jazz Club which sound really good. Morning Flight is my first TBM reissue on CD, CMRS-0038 by Sony Japan to be precise, and the sound is mind bogglingly good.

Curious if there’s anyone here able to compare the sonic quality of the TBM originals to all these reissues. I may need get a few just for curiosity but the popular issues are not exactly easy to find and don’t come cheap, either. Neither do the audiophile reissues but I’m not massively tempted by those.

I have the TBM box set and it sounds wonderful

Same! It’s VERY good!

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