High quality, highly recommended IN PRINT vinyl

I picked myself up to do what I wanted for some time already and start 2 new vinyl threads for those who might be interested here in this forum, own a record player and possibly are mastering nuts as I am. This is the „in print“ thread (at least you n print at the time of posting).

I’m constantly observing the reissue market to timely buy what’s worth to have as vinyl or whats only available as vinyl or in a much better mastering than other media. This resulted in a quite large collection of the best available masterings of music of my interest.

If you have very special in print vinyl recommendations (not just what you actually listen to), please go ahead and join in. I’ll add something every now and then.

With the first post I want to show you the opposite of a download with this beautifully made box.

This box is the only way to get those two Blue Note reissues as a fabulous Kevin Gray mastering and additionally a great double album of not otherwise released recordings, which is also great sounding.

Only slight downside is that the cover of the reissues doesn’t have the manufacturing quality of the Music Matters releases and the double album.

Fantastic music and mastering and soon out of print. The first box was not recommendable due to the bad Ron McMaster masterings, but I’m looking forward to the third box of Kevin Gray very much. 200$.



I really like the idea of this thread. I think it will be very useful. Can I ask that the posters include the name of the artist, album, and company in text in the thread. I have found from the “what I am spinning” thread that it’s sometimes hard to figure out what the disc is. Also, it’s easier to copy and paste and do a search. Thanks so much!

Thanks and sure, I’ll do so in case I don’t provide links…but this time you find everything within the linked webpages including the tracks of the double album. You just can’t listen to it online as all this is just available as this set.

I also bought this box set and it is fantastic. In addition to great music, I love the booklets, info, pictures, etc. When cds came out all the extras were eliminated. Did the loss of paraphernalia diminish the sonic value of the music, absolutely not. But it greatly increased the enjoyment of the musical listening experience when they are included. As simple as it was, I remember just looking at the tri-fold album cover of Tommy as I played it.

Here’s a new one. SAM Records reissue on 10 inch, Ray Staff mastering and so far the best possible sound. As there are even several 10 inch reissues around, care to get this one as long as it’s available.

It’s the wet version, if you want the dry one, try to grab the out of print old Speakers Corner release or the later in print Music on Vinyl release, which has wet and dry on a double album.

And here one a little more modern album of one of (not only) Lonson”s and my favorite: Cassandra Wilson.

This vinyl is a 180g release of the Winter & Winter label who own the original analog masters of those, but so far just release from digital masters for license reasons. One of their staff made hope that they will make analog sourced remastered vinyl some day.

But for now there are the original LP’s (also digitally sourced unfortunately) which sound better than the original CD’s but worse than the remastered Winter & Winter CD’s.

Then there’s just this only one remastered Winter & Winter vinyl release, made from the remastered hires digital source but using different, analog processes and clearly bettering the remastered CD again. Therefore, go for it, it will only get better as soon as they can make use of their analog masters.

I heard about this record years ago and recently purchased from Acoustic Sounds new; Will highly recommend (Try “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”);

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I just listened to this one again today and am blown away by the precision of the piano trio’s playing and the precision of the phrasing and time of Jose James. And it is one of the best recordings I’ve heard this century, well-mastered and pressed.

Jose James “Yesterday I Had the Blues–the Music of Billie Holiday”

Have to pick this one up. Big fan, as you know.

Thanks, I have to listen to this one again, don’t remember why I didn’t decide for it some time ago when skipping through it on the PC speakers.

Very nice music, I just have the 16/44 files of it. I just rarely (but sometimes I do) buy digitally sourced LP‘s mastered at the big labels themselves…I’m sure I might miss something, but all this would get even more expensive then :wink: It’s enough effort to catch all the mastering guru‘s work of my interest :wink:

But hey, this is not…it’s done by Gateway mastering (so Bob Ludwig‘s staff)…I guess I might get have to try it…

Thanks Jazznut; Another one worth listening is this Odetta LP; hard to find original 1976 Swedish release, fortunately pure vinyl re-print preserved live performance so well (try “it is impossible”)

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Here my strong recommendation for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Afaik both of those albums, the 33RPM IMPEX reissue as well as the even better 45RPM Audionautes reissue are still available.

Most important this for me is the clearly best, fresh, most creative interpretation I have heard so far among quite a dozen and it’s great sounding.

Really recommended even if you own some versions already! I like it even more than M. Fremer who made detailed professional reviews of some of the Vinyl I’m mentioning.

By the way, my favorite digital version is on Northstar recording of Ars Antiqua Austria/Gunar Letzbor, which is even better sounding and a very different comparably kind of slow motion approach.

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I am big fan of Chico Freeman and really glad to have this Sprint Sensitive in print by AP; The CD has more tracks but the vinyl enhanced a better level of richness and air; will high recommend;


Wow yes, one of my very first AP records at all and really great sounding good music!

By the way, his other recordings on that initial label as originals also sound really good.

The same I wrote about the Cassandra Wilson Winter & Winter release is valid for this one. It’s a must have and you’ll throw away both, the CD and the normal LP. This is much more expressive and dynamic sounding. Fantastic music.


Just listening to side 2 … what a fantastic sound. Compared my 180g of this from some years ago with the same rereleased recently in 200g … the latter just even a tiny bit richer sounding.

The CD you pictured for sure can’t compete with the Doug Sax tube mastering. This is a record for the island. Doesn’t get much better.

This LP was the first one I played when I completed setting up the vinyl system, the sound came out just deeply surprised me; Doug Sax did excellent job mastering this re-issue; By the way that CD costed me arm and leg to collect as I recall; I will keep an eye on other potential Chico Freeman re-issues; Cheers!

Here is another well mastered re-issue by Doug Sax that is still in print; Esther perhaps is well recognized for her sweet voice and retro style; although I cannot fully understand her words, her voice and music carries power to move you. If I have to rate the best female voice in my collection, both in terms of artistic and recording, this one will come as top; nice done pressing by QPR;