Tidal using TV App or Separate dedicated Streamer?

Your advice please :
I have a the Sony A80j with Tidal App.
The Sony is connected to a stereo system via HDMI cable.

Another option is a separate Streamer device with Tidal option as a source connected to the stereo system

Is there any major difference between these 2 option ?

Thank you

I use a BlueSound Node 2i and prefer it to the apps on my Sony and LG OLED TVs. II should add I also stream with an Innuos Zenith Mk III/Phoenix re-clocker, which beats TV or BlueSound streaming hands down, at a price I may add. typically use Tidal to explore music, serious listening is still relegated to either a turntable or CDs. It will depend on system specifics to a large degree.

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Thank you.
The Zenith is bit expensive for me.
My question regards basic understanding what is the best option for me.

Are you familiar with the BlueSound Node 2i, which excels in comparison to the TV streamer apps? The Innuos was mentioned as a point of reference.
I should add the BlueSound Node 2i app, or BlueSound OS is its strong point. Very easy to use and can be partnered with a digital device, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

BlueSound Node 2i

Thank you.
I will certainly consider!!!
Ps: I have a McIntosh A/V Processor MX123.

McIntosh have a streamer : MB50

Regardless cost, Do you recommend the BlueSound over the MB50 ?

Also, if I will use the BlueSound, can I use the McIntosh MX123 DAC instead of the BlueSound ?

Thank you again.

I have not heard any recent McIntosh so have no opinion. IMO the BlueSound is a “budget” option. The BlueSound Node 2i does have a digital output that could feed various DACs, including McIntosh. Before I spend $2k on the McIntosh I’d give the BlueSound Node 2i a listen. I would consider the BlueSound a mature streaming product with a very good operating system. Sorry I can not be of more help.

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Thank you very much indeed!
All the best


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