To up sample or not


Ok another numbing question . Another dac I own , they Recomend to always up sample . It has to do with filters working better smoother analog output. So with out getting crazy . Who’s does and who doesn’t ?? And why?

Al D


NativeX on the PWD all the time, no upsampling. I do hear differences with different sample rates applied to 16/44.1 but can’t really say that one is better than the other. To my ear NativeX is better than any other choice…



Until recently, almost all DACs upsampled everything to a common denominator of the major sampling rates and performed all processing, including filtering, at these higher rates. The advantage is that one can more easily avoid aliasing, post and pre-ringing, etc. when more of the processing is done well outside of the audio band.

In the last five years or so (my estimate) digital filters have improved, DAC chips are more flexible, and many have found they prefer the sound of native conversion.

In my experience, some DACs sound better with everything upsampled; others, at native. There may be a reason why some sound better one way, but I do not know what it is.

As with everything else, try whatever options you have in front of you and determine what you like. I like the PWD better when it is not upsampling. It is sounds less electronic to me. You may like the sound however. I am sure there are plenty that do and they are not wrong.


Thanks all . The up sampling is only a choice when playing cd,s , as the music on the nas is ripped to wave anyway. The native x is really good in most recordings , and I do prefer to go by what the manufacture request,s .

Al D