Upsampling, Yes or No?

Volumio offers a upsampling feature that allows you to control the degree of it. I just turned it on and have sampled some local files as well as some Qobuz files and it appears to be working on both. I say that as although the songs are 44/16 my SMSL DAC is showing 192/24.

Folks, do you use it with your DACs if so what degree and have you noticed SQ improvements?

It will be very dependent on your DAC.

I started using High Quality Player to take PCM to DSD256 on a RME ADI+2 DAC FS and, for the money, I’m beyond ecstatic at the sound quality that combo makes.

So, try it, and use what you like. Just be careful as you’re well jumping down the rabbit hole of pre / post ringing, linear vs. minimum phase, PCM vs DSD, NOS, etc. etc.


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I haven’t thought much of it, since DS is already an upsampling DAC. I just let it work its magic.

I noticed not too long ago Roon was downsampling my DSD256 into DSD128 (the max rate available over USB). Still sounds great to me, or at least that is what I tell myself until I can upgrade to the MK2.