Toslink/Optical cable loose fit in DS DAC and OPPO connections

Are all Toslink connections "loose’? As a temporary measure, I just bought and installed a $15 Toslink between my DS DAC and OPPO CD player and the connection fit on both ends is not very secure and actually wobbly on the OPPO. Is this typical? Do the $100+ glass optical cables have better connectors?

And…the DS DAC does not even process the LPCM bit stream from the OPPO. It’s fine with a 75 ohm digital cable from the OPPO.

The Toslink cable is only 1M so I can’t try it from my TV to the DS DAC, but with such a loose connection I would not want to go that way since my TV is pulled from the wall for watching. Hence loose fitting cables are not suitable.

So did I buy a piece of c**p cable?

Cannot say anything on “expansive” toslink, I don’t have it and don’t use it on DSDAC. But I do have the very cheap Amazon Basic toslink, when put into DSDAC, there is a “click” sound when push in to lock it, cannot say it is tight fit, but it is very secure and not wobbly at all.

@Terrence Thank you so much for responding. Yes, all it takes is a big push to get the connector to snap into place. None of the manuals mention that (DAC or OPPO). When I’m a newbie to something, there’s always some head scratching.

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