Tube Rolling Distractions

I bought some quads of tubes in anticipation of the arrival of my BHK 300’s. Well the Amp and I have been doing just fine and I’ve decided that the Tungsram’s are nominally better than the Gold Lion OEM’s. However I did have an interesting experience when I installed a quad of Amperex A Frames. The Upper Bass and Lower Mid became pronounced and the Highs became almost shrill. I was flummoxed! I swapped out the Amperex’s for the Tungsrams and there was still a harshness to the trebles. I was stumped. Then it dawned on me that what I was hearing was the Redcloud artifact that some people had heard. I rebooted the DSD a few times and I was back to where I was in the past. My comment here is that if you leave your DSD on all the time, it may need some attitude to be tamed. Especially if you are swapping out tubes and you want it to be objective.

What a coincidence. How long had the DSD been up?

Probably a few weeks. I never contemplated doing a hard reboot. I’ll be doing that weekly going forward.


Hi Ted, is this few weeks up bug one you’re chasing already?


I believe it’s related to the problem where every once in a while you get degraded sound quality and have to reboot. It’s been there for several (all?) releases and it may be related to the having to reboot just after upgrading sometimes. Since (so far) it’s impossible to reproduce on demand it’s hard to know exactly what it is. Every release I keep my eye out for something that could cause it in any code I’m modifying and I also spend some time looking at all of the source for something that could explain these problem(s). I usually do some small tweaks that can’t hurt and may fix a problem like this.

Huge props, it only get better and better