Tube Rolling

in addition to a DS, BHK 250, and P10 in my system I have a Rogue Super Magnum 99 pre-amp. A very nice machine. (Aside, I would consider the BHK pre but need a tape loop out to drive a second system for my patio). Anyway, I had a nice set of 60s vintage Sylvania 6SN7s in the pre for about 2.5 years. System was starting to sound dull to me (who knows, could be hallucinating) so I went shopping for new tubes. Decided to buy a set of 1948 Sylvania Metal base tubes: expensive!! Wow!! Now I’m figuring out how I’m going to squirl away some money to be buy a back up set. How fantastic!! I hate/love this hobby!! To think these tubes have been sitting around since 1948 waiting to make my system sing is too awesome!

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Amsco15–Questions about tube rolling. I have a bhk preamp and amp powering Monitor Audio PL200s. The MAs are very detailed which I like. Most of my speakers have been electrostatics, and the MAs remind me of them. The MAs are a bit lean at low levels and bright when played loud. Any suggestions for tubes that may flesh them out and take off the glare when driven hard. I would like to spend a $100 or less for matched pairs. I do not know if that is realistic but it’s what PS Audio charges for replacements so I figure it’s in the ball park. I would like to not shell out $600 for both the amp and preamp as I see is not uncommon.

I’ve found that general reviews of tubes for the most part falls in line when applied to BHK Pre’s and Amps. If you want more fleshed out mid’s and rolled off or softened highs then I’d listen to Mullards. The Mullard RTC E188CC / 7308 versions are very good. I have a quad of Mullard wrinkled glass tubes that would do the same but nowhere the $50 per tube. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more. These tubes are good for up to 10,000 hours.

@tabascocat1994 good to hear from you! I don’t know much about rolling tubes in the BHK Pre. I’ve always owned 6SN7 pre-amps. I’ve had three now: Cary SLP-03, Rogue Super Magnum, and my current SLP-05. I’ve had Electro Harmonix, RCA Red Base, Sylvania Chrome tops and Sylvania Metal Base. The Metal base tubes are awesome but I can’t find them anymore. Does bum me out. I keep looking for a reasonable vendor selling them. I’m sure they’ll be $500 a pair. Ouch!!

There are lots of threads about rolling tubes in the BHK pre. I’m sure you’ve found them by now. Lots of people with better ears than mine!

Good luck! Don’t forget to post some of your crazy music choices. Always like seeing them on the thread!!

Recently purchased a matched quad of Mullard wrinkled glass 12au7’s for my primaluna dialogue premium preamp. It’s an awesome tube in everyway. Really draws you into the music…