Tubes damper rings and/or shields


Hi everyone!

I’m a newbie in the field of vacuum tubes applied to high-fi/end audio, so pardon my ignorance in advance.

I don’t know if this subject was discussed here before but is it recommended / useful / possible the using of tubes damper rings and / or shields with the BHK preamp / amps?



I have used dampers on my tube equipment for a long time and to good effect. I recommend the ones from Herbie’s Audio Lab (I don’t know if he ships internationally).

As for those jacket or metal shield things, I’m not so sure. Some of them are advertised as reducing heat buildup but it’s always seemed to me that they are just as likely to keep heat around the tubes rather than dissipate it. I have no measurements to prove this however.

Also, there isn’t a great deal of room around the tubes in the BHK amps. As I recall, the tubes with Herbie’s dampers on them just fit into my BHK 250. There is more room in the preamp.


Jomal, I too have used dampers on vaccumtubes for decades, and I too use Herbies’ dampers…


I find the biggest sonic difference* from using dampers to be a decrease in edginess. Using dampers reduces edgeness while NOT decreasing detail.

  • I am NOT a golden-eared audiofile who can hear many tiny differences. I’m much more a long-term listener who hears differences better by reversing or removing the ‘improvements’.


Thank you guys for your experiences!

Whenever I find damper rings they seem like an o-ring. But these one from Herbie’s Audio are by far the most different. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve found this one from Golden Dragon. Do you know it?


I’m also a Herbie’s Audio Lab tube dampener user. Pretty heavy habit.


I too used the original Herbie’s dampers for many years. I now use the double o-rings that Conrad Johnson provides.

If you decide to use o-rings, be sure they are designed to be used with tubes. I have heard of people buying basic one’s from a hardware store, and having them melt.

It is one of those low cost tweaks that at worst do nothing, and do no harm. I believe they help, although I have never did any serious comparisons.

I would stay away from the shields, or those things with the springs on them. As I too question whether they do lower heat. I think the shields may have been used in the past to lower noise, or avoid interference. In the past, tubes were used in some environments, that we would not do now. For example car radios. My 1955 Chevy had tubes in the head unit, and an amp behind the speaker in the dashboard. Imagine the beating those tubes took.


Herbie’s here too. I can’t tell if they do anything. Seems like a waste of money. I’m sure I would buy them again.

jomal said

Hey, I’ve found this one from Golden Dragon. Do you know it?


I have these installed on my BHK Pre - I found them too big for the BHK Amp. As to an effect on the sound - on the preBHK its not major - if perceptible - when I had these installed on my prior preamp and CJ 17 (4x6922s) the edge went off the sound making the system more mellow.