Unifi Users, Why do you need a dream machine?

I know you’ll want this :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna hold off purchasing a gateway until this is off of early access.


What power cord are you using for the SW-8?

I found the switch is really sensitive and responsive to quality power cords. I’ve been experimenting with mine but each power cord change changes the sound in significant ways, not night and day in terms of tones, but could be very significant in terms of musicallity.

I have a vintage Purist Audio Colossus power cord, and I replaced the plugs with the Viborg plugs. @vmax has an Al/cu wrapper, and 3M tuning ring tweaks that I applied. After this modification the power cord sounds much better.


Ironically, I found the best balance for my sw-8 is a ali express AQ NRZ-3 clone.

Better cables I have is doing way too much smoothing and I’m loosing air and space, and the sound would sound too much like cotton candy.

I still haven’t pulled my AQ dragon for my P15 to try it on the switch. That’d be nuts, but you’ll never know. haha, what a crazy hobbie.

I do not want to try my Dragon Source on SW-8, because I am afraid that I may need to get another one. No one is going to use a power cord eight times the cost of a switch.

I saw some pure silver cords (not silver plated) from Aliexpress. These are still over $500 but I wonder how good they are. I may try one in the future.

Haha, you spoke my mind, that’s the main reason I haven’t pulled it yet.

Check this Singapore website out, looks promising, I’ll try some of their pure silver cables down the road, I found the website while researching Viborg.

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Yeah, Dream Wall is for me.

The site has a lot of cables! The problem is they all look good on paper. There are not too many users in US for sure.

Dream Wall?

Edit: oh, you were referring to the unifi wall. How is your experience with it so far? How much wattage is it pulling off the wall on daily use?

Yeah, the return could be an issue. Same with Aliexpress too.