Unifi Users, Why do you need a dream machine?

If I can run the unify host software on my NAS by using docker, why would I still “want” the Dream Machine? Is there anything specific functionality that isn’t supported by Unifi via docker?

This is probably isn’t the place for asking this but I’d ask anyways, I’m eyeing the LHY sw10, but to fully take advantage of that switch, I’d have to beef up my home server rack.

I don’t believe you get the threat management and traffic/client id capabilities.

Plus it’s an appliance. No OS layer and storage to manage. I have enough to do already. Less is more.


When did LHY-SW10 come out? I just bought SW-8 to see if it helps my streaming chain. Surprisingly, it did help quite a bit. The SW-10 looks beefer with two transformers.

I don’t seem to be able to find the manual for the SW-10, I would like to read about the clock input. I’m obsessed lately with master clocks.

It’s out now with a 3-4 week wait time.

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I wish I had waited a month for it. Thanks!

Menu? I do not think my SW-8 had a menu. If it did, it could be recycled already.

I’d say no more than a couple weeks, a month at most. Yes, I like the SW8 as well, beat my Silent Angel switch with a custom PSU. I like the SPF ports on the SW10, lots of options from there.

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Without the SFP I personally wouldn’t consider it.

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Me neither, but I just bought a SW8 recently and the experience is very positive, hence will try out the SW10.

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I do like the managed unifi switches, but for my audio gear I could live without it. I wish it had mounting brackets.

I’m hoping this


will be my end all be all switch, it has rack ears. It would be fiber only to my audio rack. not even sure if the sw10’s ports are multi speed.

I currently use this for my audio/video gear:

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I would love to hear your thoughts on SW-10 vs. SW-8. I’m into switch now😆

Hmm 2.5gbs ports, I guess you have a use case for all those poe ports. Why didn’t you just get a SE edition of the dream machine? I suspect that switch isn’t well shielded enough for us crazies, if you use it anywhere near your rack :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, it’d be after I’d handled my networking rack first, could be a while, I suspect it could be a step too far, it would make the sound too clean.

I have cameras and AP’s that are PoE. It’s easier for me to buy switches that I can move around if need be. That said, I can find another use for that switch and replace it with something like the sw-10.

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This might be what you want, some duct taping might be involved.


That’s what I currently use :wink:.

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A recent upgrade to a fibre internet supply and new modem (centre right) demanded reoganisation.

I used a cheap TP-Link PoE switch (16xRJ45, 2xSFP) with improvised brackets and upgraded it with some silent fans, recommended by my Unifi supplier. Rather than use the switch PoE, and resultant heat, I use the supplied Unifi PoE bricks for the access points.

There is a TS-473 lower left that holds my Roon Core. Lower right is a UPS in case of power loss and for surge protection. One of the fibre lines goes to my streamer without any switching at the other end, just a media converter.

My Unifi system supports about 85 IP’s and 5 Unifi access points, with about 30 devices doing audio at up to 24/192 PCM speed. No issues.

Thanks for pointing out LHY.

The products I like are this.

I use the SoTM version for my TP-Link fibre to ethernet media converter and this one is less than half the price.

Also, he makes a LPS for the Node 2i, a great device but the power supply is the weakness. He charges $119, very cheap indeed.


Sorry if I missed it, what is the unifi gateway you are using? Or you are hosting the unifi host with linux or windows?

Neat setup, I’m sure you have vents for that section of the wall just in case.

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