Updated: MacOS Catalina audio alert!

Update October 21st 2019:


  • the comments of other forum members that the migration from older MacOS iTunes to MacOS Catalina Music worked well;
  • the fact that BitPerfect was released on October 10th 2019 without anymore negative comments (neither rectifications on their WEB Site);
  • and following Apple’s advise that artwork of large libraries takes time to update;

I did bite the bullet. I ensured that:

  1. I did not have any vital 32 bit Apps installed, that I needed continue to continue to use in MacOS Catalina (32 bit Apps will not work with Catalina), don’t update in this case (official Apple’s and third party Software developers recommendation);
  2. I had no third party software utilising iTunes XML files, mostly 3rd party DJ Software (Catalina does not dot nor maintain iTunes XML files anymore it utilises a new data format file), don’t update in this case (official Apple’s and third party Software developers recommendation);
  3. The iTunes library was organised with all files in the dedicated location (on my system hard disk) by: making sure your iTunes library is on a drive large enough with ample spare space for all your music, than perform the “Organize Library” function with “Gather Files”, which will copy all your audio files into the single library folder;
  4. Time Machine has caught up with the backup, by performing a backup manually prior to updating the system.
  5. All my credentials on my accounts are up to date;
  6. Funny enough there was a Mojave update after the release of Catalina, which I performed prior to updating to Catalina;
  7. That the System update was performed from the Apple System Preference menu.

Then performed

  • the update;
  • updated bBitPerfect from the AppStore, had to go to the app purchase page in the App store as it was not listed in the " Update" menu of the App Store;
  • opened the four Apps to which iTunes was split;
  • when opening iTunes I was prompted to adjust the privacy, security stettings such that Music could access the iTunes folders and share the music as it did prior to the update to MacOS Catalina (for security reasons Catalina restricts access and sharing options by setting the security options to most onerous per default, you can change them back to accessing or sharing what you want);
  • ensured that my account settings were correct;
  • kept the apps open for ample time to import the libraries from iTunes.

Everything is there even the artwork (covert) that I had added manually to Albums. No Album is missing, even not those generated with BitPerfects DSD Master. The new version of Bit Perfect (3.2.0) plays all music formats I have as before. in the I decided to update my MacOS as I always tended to do, in order to keep the Mac as up to date as possible and receive support.

Hope this is useful to those who utilise iTunes with BitPerfect as Music Server from their Mac.

Original post, October 14th 2019

Do not update your Mac computer to Catalina yet if you have a iTunes library!

I manage all audio files in iTunes, my companion for the last 14 years. Bit Perfect allowed me to also manage my DSD files in iTunes.

With the introduction of Catalina Apple split iTunes up in different apps. When I checked the BitPerfect site if an update is available for Catalina prior to updating, I got a red flag warning:

  • the author of BitPerfect lost the majority of his nearly 4000 music art works!
  • Apple is not cooperative with BitPerfect, new App Store rules

Then I Googled for the problem, there are many reports of people loosing:

  • scanned and imported artworks (obviously a lot of work)
  • metadata
  • complete legally ripped music files
  • the import of libraries may take several days rendering the computer unusable, with above uncertain outcome

This is such a déjà vu with what happened to my Aperture foto library.

How disrespectful of Apple to rip their clients of their library properties and data that they established with the well paid Apple hard and software.

How on earth can Apple employ so many geniuses that they need a building as large as the Pentagon and not assign any resources to test the import/conversion of a representative selection of iTunes libraries, which used to be one of the pillars on which Apple grew out to the almighty company they are now.

I have been very critical about PS Audio’s quality on this forum, but PS Audio does not have the resources by far that Apple has.

I hope Apple will fix this with a decent update. Till then I recommend no to update to MacOS Catalina.

I may have neglected signs on the wall, Apple refusing to sell even lossless CD quality let alone high resolution files.

So time has come to rethink digital music server. Multi platform Roon comes to my mind, I will wait what Octave brings.

Maybe I also need to go back to Sony Walkman or other dedicated high res portable players. It will save me paying excessive cost of memory that Apple charges for their devices.

I need to start spreading the risk of loosing information from libraries that I have set up with great care, a lot of time and expensive hard and software. Obviously this means not buying into any more Apple services.

Note that Catalina also no longer supports 32-bit programs, i.e. just about anything you bought more than 5-6 years ago will no longer work, and you will need an upgrade if you are lucky enough to find one available.

Yes I another big cut on loyal Apple owners. Many audio apps suffer badly, especially DJ apps.
Now I‘ve got to check if I have any of that software installed.

Another big misleading marketing dirty trick of Apple:
Although Apple claims Catalina runs on late 2012 iMacs: BUT NOT the most useful new feature Sidecar. Sidecar allows for your iPad and pencil to be used as graphic tablet. It will NOT WORK on 27” iMacs older than late 2015. It doesn’t say about the smalle iPad models.

So my US$ 3500 27” iMac 5k from early 2015 is already rendered obsolete.

On the other hand, better to know now. No reason to buy an expensive new iPad and pencil then. Well thought through Apple. Sure I am too dum and don’t see the grand picture.

Apparently Apple needs to go all 64 bit in order to free them self from Intel. The whole point is. There is nothing wrong with Intel, it was Apples best move ever after a fast declining success with custom RISC processors. Now they hurt customers just to be able to repeat what went wrong in the past. Really?

End of rant, I check my software and hope for a fast fix of the music library issue. In the meanwhile I am going to rethink my complete digital system strategy. Apple starts offering too less for the premium they charge, completion is lording, Sony Expedia OLED that does play AAC, ALAC, DSD and FLAC files comes for whopping EUR 400 less than the iPhone.

If you visit the Roon forums there are many long threads of very angry Roon users who upgraded to Catalina and got burnt. Seems Catalina is not allowing Roon to see any remote disk drives including NAS’s. A perfect example why I always wait a good month+ before doing any major O/S upgrades.

Mac OS Catalina hosed my setup as well. Roon, webroot, and a 32-bit collectors software program were affected. With respect to Roon, I “re-installed” Roon Core on an old windows laptop, and it works fine, including allowing the iMac desktop to work as the control device.

Apple is famous for screwing up a perfectly good operating system. Quite surprised the affiliated companies didn’t figure out a cure for the issues during beta rollout. You just have to work around it for now. It will get fixed.

Upgraded both my iMac and Mac mini music server. Both run Audirvana. No issues on either.

If the OS releases are that buggy I wish they’d move away from that annual release cycle.

Mojave is not broken, so let’s wait.

Happy that BitPerfect did put the warning out.

Afraid I missed the memo on this one. I’ll just have to ride it out on the Windows machine for now.

I have a 2019 imac desktop. It’s not obsolete, just sidelined for a bit. Most things work, just a few don’t and some of blame is shared by specific app developers. The Catalina beta has been out for months.

Just because it can’t use the new sidecar feature does not mean it is obsolete. The over reaction from you in so many posts is more than a bit humorous.

Yes you are right it did not break down. But it’s strange they publish that the OS is good for any Mac till back in 2012 and when they finally release a very useful function which I was interested in, it can not run on that still rather powerful Mac. It’s not advertised, you need to find out after you went through the upgrade.

Maybe for you not a big deal, sorry to have bothered you.

There are hardware performance reasons why older iMac systems are not enabled to use Sidecar. Do you expect Apple to stop innovating with more powerful systems just because they made less powerful systems 4 years ago? New features on more capable hardware platforms is the nature of the beast. I’ve been in the industry since 1982 and it has always been this way.

Now, this might be of some use to you:


Thank you for the link I might try it.

I don’t expect Apple to stop progress. But my iMac can impossibly be excluded due to lack of performance, it’s still faster than many iMac’s released till date. I don’t understand why systems would be excluded based on years of release rather than performance.

It has been well advertised that Catalina marks the end of iTunes and any 32-bit applications. So if you are a heavy user of iTunes, don’t update and stop grouching. You don’t have to do either.

It is very easy to find out what will and won’t work - Apple > About this Mac > System report > Applications

I’ve recently upgraded my iMacs (vintage 20110 and 2012) to the new Mac mini and MacBook Pro (2015 - because the new ones are so light and good). They are all running on Catalina. The only applications that do not work are my Demo label printer, over 10 years old and no driver, and by Spyder 5 Pro screen colour callibrator, for which a 64-bit driver will be released in the next few days.

That’s not the problem, we all knew that was going to happen and if you had read what I wrote I don’t complain about it.

What I warned Audiophiles on this forum about is that Apples recent release of Catalina Is handling the migration of the iTunes library to new Apple Music library very poorly with loss of data.

What is wrong with warning people about these issues?

From what I understand, you need a certain generation or later CPU which has certain features to support Sidecar properly. But hey, you know better than Apple on what Sidecar needs…

The same thing is happening in Mac mail, with attachments that only work in 32-bit.

Apple cannot be responsible for the functionality of previously approved 3rd party applications like BitPerfect. As they say, fixes are on the way and the artwork data has not been lost.

An application called Go64 can identify 32-bit programs and assist with migration to 64-bit.

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Please see the first post on top that I updated on October 21st, 2019.

Transfer of my iTunes library went flawless, you need prepare a bit and give the new apps time to import the libraries. Please see in the updated first post above how.

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