Apple Music Application

Folks: I used to run iTunes and BitPerfect on a Mac Mini with USB output like Paul recommended a while back. Apple no longer supports iTunes and is using its current music application instead. I was content with the way things were as Bit Perfect fooled iTunes into processing DSD and I got decent SQ out of my downloaded files. During a MacMini software update a while back Apple replaced iTunes with the new application which sounded awful and BitPerfect did not work or I could not get it to work. I dismissed it and used Tidal instead. Lately I noticed that Apple music works with BitPerfect and sound is better but still no cigar. My question is how would I optimize Apple Music to DSD quality and improve the SQ? Thanks for your help

This does not really answer your question but iTunes still works. You can still purchase music on Apple and it goes into your iTunes library. For me, whenever I get a new CD I upload it to iTunes.