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Blue Jean Cable


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Yes, I agree that they have a tendency to be rather bright, but I think for some, it works for them. With the proper gear driving them, the right setup, and room, they can sound astonishingly organic.

I think they’re also very genre specific. I listen to a lot of acoustic stuff and in my opinion, at the right level, they didn’t sound any more bright reproducing an acoustic guitar than a real guitar sounds right in front of you. Now, when some of my friends come over and they play hair rock at high volume, yes, my ears are certainly ringing the proceeding few hours.

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Agreed that it depends on your gear driving the B&W. I have tube preamp with SS amps, and PS Audio DAC driving the 802D3, and listen to Jazz, vocals, instrumental. To my ears, they sound lush, organic, and have great soundstage.