Upgrade to Steller Strata

I am a happy Sprout100 user listening mostly ‘60s and ‘70s pop hits. I listen through a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 version 7s. I use Audirvāna on my MacBook connected to the Sprout100 via usb. What benefits would I get by upgrading to a Stellar Strata? Or should another part of the system be upgraded?

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Sprout to Strata Upgrade

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Thank you. That was just what I wanted. We do not listen to the same type of music but it sounds like the improvement could be quite noticeable.

Glad it helps. I do listen to a lot of other stuff too [how can one not play Dark Side of the Moon?] and I think you will enjoy it. Don’t forget PS Audio gives a 30 day free return if it doesn’t fit your system. Let us know what you decide on and how it goes. We can all learn from each others’ experiences!