Beta Test Impressions of the New Strata

Well, here we are again. Another beta test is about to be underway. Units are being shipped as I write this.

The Stellar Strata

This thread is for our Strata beta testers to leave their reviews and comments using the new integrated in their system. We found users with systems all across the board from our Sprout and other integrateds driving bookshelf speakers to complete systems with separates driving towers. We are very excited to hear their opinions of the new Strata because other than the Sprout100 PS Audio hasn’t had a true integrated in the lineup for many years!

Streaming app for Android. And for Apple.


Hey, if you are looking for another beta tester I’m looking for a summertime (no AC) replacement for my Balanced VK60 driving my Dunlavy SC-IVs!

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We only have a few slots left so shoot me an email and we can discuss the details.

I’d like to hear what you think about the Strata driving the Big Dunlavys!

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I see that my unit has shipped. I am still looking for the Connect App. Is it available yet and where can I get it?

You must be using an Apple device? The connect app is live for Androids, but we’re still wading through the water that is the Apple app store approval process. It should be live soon.

Email sent

Yes I’m one of those “Mac” guys :slight_smile:
However I have an Android phone and am searching the play store and don’t see it.
“PS Audio Connect” is what to search for, correct?

Try PSAudio Connect or PS Connect. I don’t have any Android devices so I’m not able to try with you.

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Yup, PS Audio Connect

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I have it now. Thanks guys.

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Got mine today. Wonderful. Now I’m totally confused. You mention that to stream you use the PS Audio Strata App. Where is it? Its not in the Apple App store?

Do I need to setup UPNP first? How do I do that?

I want to listen to Qobuz and their app doesn’t recognize either my DSD bridge II or the Strata.

Yes, there is a separate app that you will need to stream to Strata. It is not available in the Apple app store quite yet.

No need for UPNP. Only the app.

Qobuz’s native app will not see the Bridge II or the Strata. You will need to pipe it through the connect app when it becomes available.

The Android app is up and easy to grab but the Apple one may be a few days in the coming. Let me see if there’s a workaround for that. Spotify will work through their app and see Strata right away if you’re connected to WIFI.

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How long for burn in? Or is that a beta testers job? :grinning:

That’s comforting. I almost paniced when I thought I’d have to contend with Chrome. That eco system is unfathenable to me.

Yes, hopefully the beta testers will be able to figure this out for us. :smile:
We really need more data points to be firm with our number.

It’s probably going to be a lot like the Stellar amps. Upwards of 300 to 400 hours is not out of the question though.


For the Apple app, go here:

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Thank you! Works perfectly!

So I have about 6 hours burn in. I plan on testing the Strata on three different systems. Its now connected to my main system. Ayre CD player balanced into the Strata then to Revel Ultima Studios. I replaces (temporaraly) my Ayre K5xe Pre amp and Ayre MX-R monoblocks.
First impressions. Knit picks. At 0 volume you can still hear the music. The remote turns my Sony TV on. Lastly the volume knob isn’t smooth. Works fine but feals a little rusty?

Sonic impressions. I’ve only listened to classical music and solo guitar jazz.
Wonderful sound. The dynamic attacks on strings, horns, and percussion are better then my Ayre equipment. Inner lines in the music are clear and differentiated. The box is very musical. Only bad thing is it makes me turn up the volume.

Still no joy on the streamer. I have downloaded the PS connect on my iphone. It says to go to WiFi and StellarStratusamp.xxxx…its not showing up on my iphone.
So I pressed the couldnt find StellarStratusamp. I pressed the WPS button on my comcast modem. It flashes. I went into the Stratus menu and set WPS to on before and after pressing the button on the modem. No setup mode appears. The app says press WPS on your device. Which device? the Modem or the Stratus? I’ve done both. THe Stratus says WPS On.

Its troubling that the app says it will use my iTunes library. I’ve purchased Roon and Red River Media Center to avoid iTunes and destruction it has done to my metadata, music, and mind. I never turn on iTunes for fear it will make duplicate albums, erase albums, throw out arbitrary tracks off of albums. I have moved my music folders on my NAS to names iTunes will not recognize. It appears I am screwed even if I get the streamer to work.

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