Using HQplayer with DS Mk1

Does it make sense to use HQplayer for upsampling, noting the the DS upsamples by itself ?

Depends on where you upsample.
In my case, HQplayer on the antipodes did not bring any improvement.
When I use HQplayer, the settings are on feedtrough.
So no upsampling.
For me, Roon/Squeeze sounds very good.

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I think that HQP users do the upsampling on a separate computer and feed that signal to an R2R Dac which is run in nonoversampling mode.
At least that’s what I do and upsample everything to DSD256. My Dac is a Holo May KTE.

Do what sounds best to you. There are a lot of options on HQplayer and one may sound better to you than the DS’s updsampler, (or not.)