USB Cable Recommendation REW / Start in Comp Audio

I need to run a 15’ USB A to USB B cable from a desktop in my office/shared listening space to a GCD to run REW. Since I have to buy a cable anyway I thought it might be a good time to leave the cable plugged in and begin dabbling in DSD/computer audio. Other than a Bluesound Vault 2i I have no digital experience.

My basic question is do I need to worry about the cable that I buy? The Monoprice option is less than $3.00.

Maybe a more fundamental question is am I wasting my time trying to do DSD over USB from a desktop.

Any help is appreciated.


I suggest buying an inexpensive USB certified cable, not an “audiophile cable”.

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Many thanks Elk.

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I got a 15’ USB cable from blue jeans. They’re certified and not expensive.

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I use Focus Fidelity to the matrix via a long generic usb extension cable and then a nice short audiophile for the last length. Not sure it does anything but figured any bit helps. Works fine. I use another long vengeful usb c to miniDSP microphone.

The results are great. Took out the large humps at 150 and 250 I think it was. I had a big valley or suck out which it helped a bit but really DSP cannot fox those much. I did not do anything beyond 2khz I believe .

Thank you Baldy. BJ was my first stop but I didn’t find USB cables. Of course that was at 02:00. After a bit of sleep and a couple of cups of coffee I found them.

I like to use them whenever I can. The quality is great all across the lineup and the prices are good too.

Thanks much for the recommendation. I’m just now starting to play with REW and have the first of the treatments installed. Even with bass traps in place there are a couple of nasty resonances that need taming but frequencies are yet unknown.

Absolutely agreed. I consider myself fortunate in that I don’t have the system or ears that are sensitive to cables and interconnects. Pretty much everything I use except speaker cables are from BJC. The reason for not using their speaker cables was mainly a cosmetic choice. The cables I landed on are not expensive by most audiophile standards (6’ pair < $500) but is the only purchase in this new system that has led to any buyers remorse. But they do look cool!


I ended up having someone come out and do the tuning but as with many here way to many changes happen to use the same tuning for more than a few months. So I did whatni could with room treatments and speaker placement etc. but your room is your room. Had those big bumps and that’s all I heard. I looked at REW with Roon and thought it a bit complicated. Found focus fidelity and I can redo my tune in an hour or so. Most of it is tuning wires and getting the MKI to connect to laptop. Once done it’s minutes till I have the wav files done and ready to put in roon.