Using an Origin Live Turntable or Arm or both?

I think they appear to have some great engineering and design. I’m about to try an Origin Live Resolution Table and I’ve had an Origin Live Conqueror Arm I’ll hook to it.

I’ve owned their Resolution table as well as their Illustrious, Conqueror and currently run their Enterprise-C tonearm. The Resolution I had was their original version and while it sounded good I found it a bit fussy, but it seems like they’ve addressed that in their later models. Their tonearms are consistently exceptional with sonic performance that easily exceeds their pricing. Very well engineered products.

I’ve used a 12” Illustrious Mk3 for 10 years. In recent months it’s played second fiddle to a 12” Reed 3P, which is less fiddly and superb. The OL has an OL Aladdin Mk2 cartridge on it. Gets regular use.

Mark is an audio good guy. I did complain to him that his top end turntables are too cheap. He sort of agreed.