Using BHK's pre - specifically using the balance on the pre

Curious if the companion CD for Paul’s recent book, concerning tracks one and two, are the same volume for other people. I had the right coming in a bit quieter both by my ear and a phone decibal tool. The tool showed a smallish difference (say 1 - 1.5 decibals), but I’ve been noticing this for a bit of time in my system.

So, changed my pre-amp balance for the first time ever to favor the right by “10” and feel like my center image just blossomed like a flower. It could easily be my room or my own hearing. The right channel is located in a more proper corner in my listening area, which probably explains the phenomena.

Pleased. Cheers.

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Trust your ears, and use the balance control to your advantage. I have similar experience with my set-up, with the left channel requiring an ever so slight boost.


I try to resolve balance issues by moving the speakers but this can be a real challenge and may not fully resolve it. I am then happy to use a balance control to fine tune. It is another useful tool.


Thanks. Lots of big speaker questions and room stuff is being considered, even with a good to very good room, but this feels like a big win for me. Worked with it for a while since it was really chanigng my experience, and moved the balance down to just 4 to the right. Less than half, but what a treat. Hooray!


If the music db is greater to one side and you don’t feel that it is the recording or your room acoustics influencing the level, look at checking your tubes. I’ve had a tube that was weakened affecting the sound.


Yes. Or switch the tube channels (move L to R), speaker connections and see if the imbalance follows. I had something similar a year or so ago and I got a laser measuring device. What I found out was my back wall was not level so I moved both speakers out further (and listening position) where back wall was not as much as an influence and re measured from listening position (using a mono record) and everything was even. However, before, I was only moving the balance one position…not 10.

Thanks! I think the 10 just felt good in the correction sense, initially. It’s been sitting at 3-4 since I fiddled with it and that CD that PSA released where Paul’s voice strongly pushed me. Wish others who use that set-up tool would chime-in. I’d been looking hard for a LvR balance tool.

Anyway, funky room shape, but really getting dialed-in with years and years of effort and enjoyment. In the next 8 weeks or so, I will have greater space still to milk it :milk_glass: (i.e. more speaker space and gear closer to the ground).

I’ve had a similar experience in my room with the BHK pre-amp (running with the BHK 300 monos). I tested with the SACD of Paul’s voice also. My sweet spot seems to be 2-3 clicks to the right to get the image in the center. (which also feels right on music to me). I think it is likely due to my room with more reflection to the left. Of course could be my ears! I was too lazy to switch tubes l/r yet, but will report if I find that made any difference.

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Perfectly said.