Van Halen-an early history


Thanks - I enjoyed that :slight_smile:

Thanks. Its interesting for us unaware enthusiasts to see the what the business side of music looks like. It seems like it would be difficult for them to keep up the enthusiasm after being groomed by the recording institutions.

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What an interesting peek at the underbelly. :stuck_out_tongue: Yesterday I was transferring a bunch of old TV shows recorded off air to a server to “stream” to the TV. One was the 2011 film, “Troubadours”. Centered on James Taylor and Carole King, and The Troubadour club in L.A., it focuses on the earlier-70’s singer-songwriter period when Templeman got his start. Interestingly, Elton John got his foothold in the U.S. and the world at the Troubadour.

During that heyday of “The Record Business” (in capital letters) - which this story of the late-70’s signing of Van Halen falls into, music was grossing 3 Billion dollars annually(!) - far in excess of the movies or all of organized sports. Different times. But a lot of that was the excess of the way stuff came to be done. The Stones using thousands of reels of 2" tape, because everybody in the band would take a copy of the current state of the multitrack tapes home to work on their parts - and then they’d do that over and over again, as the album progressed. That capability now costs almost nothing of course, but it was a princely expenditure at the time. And there are famous stories of the latter-day, Buckingham/Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac’s recording (and other) excesses.

But it was a time a producer like Templeman could walk into a club and “see dollar signs”, and help create a Rock Juggernaut. :metal:t2:

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Also brings back memories of playing in a Top 40 band around the Detroit area in the mid-80’s and playing “Jump” on the synth. Guaranteed dancefloor-filler. Always fun.

Between this and the Prince concert you posted yesterday, I’ve had this itchy feeling in my sinuses. Of course it is pollen season here🙄. Odd how some things get baked into your memory.

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I tend to post in dribs and drabs so you should be safe from hearing from me again for several weeks.

No worries - Good Stuff! Please post away.

Also got a boot out of the LA Mag cover:

Makes my Dutch heart beat faster… Today I am wearing his EvH shoes…